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B.D.S. - Base Directory Standard

The purpose of this project is to take the XDG Base Directory Standard and XDG User Directory Standard (collectively XDG), as a starting point for a universal standard suitable for inclusion in the File Hierarchy Standard.


Home Directories


The defaults for each respectively:

  • ~/.etc or ~/.config
  • ~/.usr or ~/.local
  • ~/.var or ~/.variable
  • ~/.tmp or ~/.cache

The later are for compatibility with XDG. (Note: .variable might be replaced with a more succinct name if a good alternative can be determined.)

System Directories


The defaults for each respectively:

  • /etc
  • /usr/local:/usr
  • /var
  • /tmp

Notice we did not provide and equivalent for XDG's $XDG_DATA_HOME or $XDG_DATA_DIRS. In XDG the default home location points to ~/.local/share. To access the same location via BDS use $HOME_USR/share. However, if deemed necessary, $HOME_SHARE and $DIRS_SHARE can be added.


Local Equivalent for /var

Although the latest XDG standard provides for $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR which corresponds to /var/run in the FHS, XDG lacks any corresponding locals for /var itself. In BDS the equivalent to /var is supported by $HOME_VAR and $DIRS_VAR and defaults to the locations ~/.var and /var, respectively.

Generalized .local

The ~/.local directory that is the prefix of the default $XDG_DATA_HOME path is an explicit part of the BDS standard. (In the Ruby XDG library this had been labeled $XDG_RESOURCE_HOME.) This directory is simply the per-user equivalent of the system wide /usr/local or /usr directory.

CONFIG Directories Default

For a universal standard, the sub-directory path of $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS should not be required. So instead of /etc/xdg, the default is /etc.

Removal of XDG Prefix

By reversing the word order, no special prefix is needed for the environment variable names.