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##Active Projects

  • See And Read = An interactive reading game for parents and children using chromecast technology to simultaneously display content and interactive veiw on a smartphone, hiDef TV, tablet or PC. (Aaron Franco, Grace Ortiz, Gabriel Ortiz, Brian Foo) - (https://github.com/beefoo/multi-screen-e-reader)

  • e-Textbook functionality with EPUB 3 to allow interactive comments and discussion to take palce around selected and highlightes materail in real-time. (Iwasaki, Najajima, Tamura - Sophia University, Japan)(https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NWLeS-OGffBColgjDIGK0tpJ3Ez3B2OXPjsCEbRb8_c/edit?usp=sharing)) Status Report

  • Deeplinks in ( PressBooks ) ... Building books with metadata-rich markup allows us to build new kinds of functionality: automated index generation, non-linear navigation, external or extra resource layers on top of text, APIs, and more. This demo adds additional semantic markup to enable a contextual navigation layer on a text. It's a starting point for thinking about: a) user-friendly ways to add such markup, b) useful things we can do with this markup. We're starting with a webbook output, but believe we can extend these functionalities will into EPUB3. (Jean Kaplansky Max Fenton, Tendi M, and Hugh McGuire)

  • PDF (or PDF + XML) to reflowable EPUB (Dave Mayo @ Harvard, Noreen @ IA Institute, Julia Pollacks @ Bronx Community College, Jeremy Baron) Github

  • Online Book Club, user can create new clubs / join clubs, members have the currently picked e-book available to them, can highlight and discuss quotes/passages, forum/social media features, etc. (Edina Vath) https://github.com/EdinaVath/openbook2014-club/ (coming soon) http://muchreadingwow.herokuapp.com/

  • Implement scrollable interface for Epub.js with continuous scroll (Brian, Tom, Charlotte, Fred) [openbook2014.herokuapp.com] (//openbook2014.herokuapp.com)(https://github.com/brianyang/epub.js)

  • Work with DPLA StackLife (https://stacklife-dpla.law.harvard.edu/#) and expand to make prototype of multi-axis library catalog discovery layer allowing users to quickly browse collections and narrow/expand their search based on user-defined search terms (e.g. title, author, subject, etc.) (Cori Allen, Emma Spencer, Elizabeth, Zach Coble, Shawn Farrell and Amy Wolfe) Breadcrumbs & Beanstalks Github

  • package EPUB title w/ EPUB viewer into native app via PhoneGap https://github.com/pkra/epub-viewer and https://build.phonegap.com/apps/731176 (Peter K).

  • annotator plugin to support annotating against variable schemas

##Open for Volunteers or Inclusion in Project

  • Improve phone/tablet UX for ReadiumJS (e.g. more swipe/gesture support) (Bill McCoy)
  • integrate personal storage with ReadiumJS (Dropbox, Google Drive, RemoteStorage (Bill McCoy)
  • integrate CSS Page Template polyfill with ReadiumJS (Bill McCoy)
  • define precomputed index data structure (such as trie) in XML or JSON to support rapid/rich searching an EPUB file (Jake Hartnell / Bill McCoy)

Merged or Inactive

  • Prepackaging an index in an epub file to power client-side search (AJ Renold) - Book CLub
  • Book as a social media actor (it can express itself on Twitter, FB etc.) (Camille) Merged with Book Club
  • integration of blogs and EPUB content (?) Merged with Book Club
  • Book as a social media actor (it can express itself on Twitter, FB etc.) (Camille) NA Merged with Book Club
  • integrate Hypothes.is Open Annotations with Readium (et. al.) (Jake Hartnell)
  • specifying/building an API for ( PressBooks ) book content ... and doing something interesting with it (Hugh McGuire)
  • open solutions for managing personal experience w/ library of EPUB content
  • General work on Epub.js (UX, new features, pushing the boundaries of what's possible) - merged w/ epub.js scrollable view
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