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Content Rendering


epub.js open source JavaScript library for working with ebooks.

adaptive-layout open source implementation of EPUB Adaptive Layout, aka CSS Page Templates, specification

epubcrude Eclipse plugin/perspective to allow users to create, replace, update, delete and edit EPUB files. Uses EPUBCheck for validation. The github repo is here

Content Creation

PressBooks Open Source book content management/production tool based on WordPress. Epub 2.01, PDF, MOBI & WEB outputs. EPUB3.0 is ... under development.

EPUB3 Sliderizer open source program to create EPUB3/HTML5 slide presentations. Uses EPUBCheck for validation.

epub-tools open source tools for converting DocBook and Word .docx files to EPUB (not updated for EPUB 3)

ePub Manipulation

pyepub OSS python package for ePub manipulation, esp. bookplates, metadata. Contributors: Gabriele Alese (Edizioni E/O) and Eric Hellman (Gluejar)

Annotation Open source annotation software.

ePub sample

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