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  • add styles for print for bingo classes
  • add index on tip.toto12x

  • add export to JobsController (use keys for export tips in csv/plain text)

  • Use de locale
  • add next player/previous player nav
  • add indices to db schema for foreign keys

  • link names in play view (cleanup playController/route)

  • fix edit play view (add toto and bingo and result cols like in show view if not editable)


  • add google analytics to layout
  • use class buttons plus div for buttons to remove in print
  • change Key in form to Import/Export Key (only used for import/export)


  • Move error_messages to shared partial
  • Use fmt_date helper for date display

  • Use autofocus and :focus (HTML5) instead of class .focus (does it work?)

  • Use new reader pool.full_title
  • Rename pool.user to pool.manager

Done / Complete

  • add knockout flag to game
  • add score3,4,5,6 if knockout (verlaengerung, elfmeter)
  • all tips - add bingo class to score in td if match, use .smaller (80%) eg .bingo.smaller and keep .bingo 100%
  • add forms for teams
  • Remove [] from view for calculated teams (is now part of team name)
  • add PlayersController (nested inside pool)
  • todo/fix: pass in NOT in PlaysControllerRoutes! ** make play controller top level (no need to nest inside pool??) ** search for pool_play_path, pool_plays_path,etc.
  • Rename module Euro2012 to Wettpool (to match new project name)
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