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sportbook web app - free open source sports betting (or prediction) pool in ruby on rails (version 3.2 and up)

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Welcome to Wettpool.

A free, open source sports betting pool in Ruby on Rails (version 3.2 and up).

Example events include:


Try the demo install running on Heroku

Use the login credentials demo/demo.


Setup on your local machine

Clone the Wettpol git repo:

git clone git://

Get all your Ruby libraries (gems) installed using the bundler tool:

cd wettpool
bundle install --without production

Note, use the --without production option for local development unless you want to install the PostgreSQL (pg) database libraries and services (required for production on the Heroku hosting service.)

Setup the database and seeds:

rake db:setup

Showtime! Startup the server and use the demo/demo credentials to sign in:

rails server

That's it.

Setup on Heroku

Clone the Wettpool git repo:

git clone git://

Create app on Heroku e.g.

cd wettpool
heroku create <your_app_name_here>

Upload via

git push heroku

Create DB on first upload via

heroku run rake db:setup

Showtime! Sign in using the demo/demo credentials. That's it.


The wettpool scripts and templates are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Send them along to the Wettpool Forum/Mailing List. Thanks!

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