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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Jul 26, 2019 · 174 commits to develop since this release


  • OBPIH-2266 Add time stamp and refresh button on transaction report
  • OBPIH-2263 Fix stock movement receipts that were marked as completed due to lock wait timeout bug
  • OBPIH-2254 Cannot receive: stock movement status is shipped but requisition is in checking
  • OBPIH-2249 Stock history is missing receipts due to error saving transaction
  • OBPIH-2248 Lock wait timeout while sending stock movements and recording stock
  • OBPIH-2246 Remove putaway transactions from debits and credits on transaction report
  • OBPIH-2241 Stock Card > Division by zero on consumption tab
  • OBPIH-2236 Investigate possible bug related to reason codes
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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Jul 12, 2019 · 190 commits to develop since this release


  • OBPIH-2235 Added basic client and server-side form validation to prevent issues with creating inventory snapshot data for future dates
  • OBPIH-2237 Transaction fact table was not being refreshed because insert statements for dimension tables were not committed by the time the transaction fact query was executed
  • Fixed issue with missing logo label
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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Jul 10, 2019 · 196 commits to develop since this release


Release 0.8.8
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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Jun 12, 2019 · 285 commits to develop since this release


  • OBPIH-2059 Improvements to consumption report (removed transaction type filter and a bunch of unused columns)
  • OBPIH-2141 Hotfix: Disable next button if item has not loaded on edit page
    • Prevents user from inadvertently generating an empty picklist
  • OBPIH-2144 Improvements to inventory level management
    • Fixed bug with inventory level import ("Illegal to attempt to associate a collection with two open sessions")
    • Configured data table on data import page to use infinite scrolling
    • Improved inventory level pages to include better search and download capabilities
  • OBPIH-2153 Product source import does not import legacy product code
  • Fixed performance bug with demand query being executed even with the forecasting feature is disabled
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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Jun 8, 2019 · 298 commits to develop since this release

Well 0.8.7 was a kind of a dud. Unfortunately, we encountered a few issues after deploying Release 0.8.7 to production. Most of these have been addressed in this hotfix release. Another known issue will be addressed in a future hotfix release.


  • OBPIH-2124 Fixed issue with logo not matching location. On systems that upload logos to each location, the wrong logo was sometimes being displayed for certain locations.
  • OBPIH-2128 Created multiple column index to fix performance issue encountered after we dropped unique constraint in most recent release. The unique constraint was removed because we were no longer using INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE and it was causing deadlocks due to gap locking on batch inserts (OBPIH-2111). However, the idea was to replace the unique constraint with a multi-column index but we forgot to add it in the release. This caused some performance issues with large stock movements (> 100 items) as well as OBPIH-2131.
  • OBPIH-2131 Ensure that we delete inventory snapshot records when refreshing table after transactions inserts, updates, and deletes. Inventory snapshot table contained duplicate records after post-transaction refresh causing inaccurate QoH values in reports and global search (NOTE: Stock Card will always be source of most accurate QoH since it is calculated based on stock history transactions).
  • Disabled sorting of Recent Activity dashboard widget in order to respect default sorting applied by server (the dataTables plugin does not sort dates properly). Also increased timeout value for Recent Activity dashboard widget.

Known Issues

  • OBPIH-2125 System generates an empty picklist for certain outbound stock movements. This issue occurs if a user on Step 3 clicks on the Next button before the page has fully loaded. All components on the page are supposed to be disabled while the page finishes loading so we'll fix that bug and also add server-side validation as well.
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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Jun 5, 2019 · 134 commits to master since this release


If you're still on Ubuntu 14.04 there's a bug on the Stock Card page that you might encounter.

com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'openboxes.product_demand' doesn't exist

Essentially, there's a view that needs to be created when Liquibase executes all database changesets during startup. Unfortunately, older versions of MySQL (i.e. 5.6 and below) don't support the create view syntax we needed to use so you encounter you need to manually create an empty view just to view the Stock Card page.

In an upcoming hotfix, we plan to:
a) catch and suppress the error in the future
b) rewrite the view for use on these older versions of MySQL,

In the meantime, please log into MySQL and run the following DDL statement in order to be able to view the Stock Card page for any product.

$ mysql -u root -p openboxes
	NULL AS request_status,
	NULL AS request_number,
	NULL AS date_requested,
	NULL AS origin_id,
	NULL AS origin_name,
	NULL AS destination_id,
	NULL AS destination_name,
	NULL AS product_id,
	NULL AS product_code,
	NULL AS product_name,
	NULL AS quantity_requested,
	NULL AS quantity_canceled,
	NULL AS quantity_approved,
	NULL AS quantity_change_approved,
	NULL AS quantity_substitution_approved,
	NULL AS quantity_demand,
	NULL AS cancel_reason_code
FROM requisition 
WHERE 1=0;
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@jmiranda jmiranda released this May 7, 2019 · 463 commits to develop since this release

Hotfix release that includes two bug fixes:

  • OBPIH-2010 Inventory snapshot process sometimes leaves stale data
  • OBPIH-2007 Bug with latest inventory date export
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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Apr 26, 2019 · 467 commits to develop since this release


Problem: SQL error while creating unique constraint during Liquibase migrations

Upon deploying this version you may see the following error. If so please see the solution below.

org.springframework.beans.factory.access.BootstrapException: Error executing bootstraps; nested exception is org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.InvokerInvocationException: liquibase.exception.MigrationFailedException: Migration failed for change set 0.8.x/changelog-2019-03-17-0104-consolidate-inventory-snapshot-tables.xml::1552802756393-7::jmiranda (generated):
     Reason: liquibase.exception.JDBCException: Error executing SQL ALTER TABLE `openboxes`.`inventory_snapshot` ADD CONSTRAINT `inventory_snapshot_key` UNIQUE (`date`, `location_id`, `product_code`, `lot_number`, `bin_location_name`):
          Caused By: Error executing SQL ALTER TABLE `openboxes`.`inventory_snapshot` ADD CONSTRAINT `inventory_snapshot_key` UNIQUE (`date`, `location_id`, `product_code`, `lot_number`, `bin_location_name`):
          Caused By: Duplicate entry '2019-02-04 00:00:00-1--DEFAULT-DEFAULT' for key 'inventory_snapshot_key'


Before deploying version 0.8.6, execute the following SQL.

truncate inventory_snapshot
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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Apr 26, 2019 · 611 commits to develop since this release




  • [OBPIH-1236] - Import stock movement item list a second time without refreshing the page.
  • [OBPIH-1635] - Modify Bin location summary
  • [OBPIH-1701] - OBNAV Post release 8.3 double-check
  • [OBPIH-1749] - Permissions for stock list management page
  • [OBPIH-1750] - View's SELECT contains a subquery in the FROM clause
  • [OBPIH-1770] - Make rollback feature available to admins
  • [OBPIH-1771] - Improve rollback feature
  • [OBPIH-1788] - SBHF Ticket- Inventory report
  • [OBPIH-1836] - SAXParseException; lineNumber: 82; columnNumber: 112; The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference
  • [OBPIH-1876] - Unable to complete inventory item snapshot process
  • [OBPIH-1926] - Error editing product with invalid inventory level
  • [OBPIH-1928] - Stock card tabs render blank on user session timeout
  • [OBPIH-1939] - HOTFIX Using ENTER in location dropdown on create stock movement page causes request to be submitted
  • [OBPIH-1951] - Implement performance improvements for global search


  • [OBPIH-1615] - Allow downloadable reports to render custom logo
  • [OBPIH-1666] - If user edits a pick, they cannot go back to edit stage and make changes
  • [OBPIH-1857] - Investigate configuration of Tomcat and garbage collection
  • [OBPIH-1858] - Investigate performance impact of log4j on IO
  • [OBPIH-1891] - Improve performance of the dashboard


  • [OBPIH-817] - OBSYS: When delete a substitute and add a new one, old information shows up on item card
  • [OBPIH-1283] - OBSYS: Refresh not working when add bin location
  • [OBPIH-1287] - OBSYS: on stock card, change pending shipments and requisitions tab
  • [OBPIH-1574] - On stock list details page, add items without a page refresh
  • [OBPIH-1617] - OB Issues
  • [OBPIH-1621] - FW: Deleting stock movement
  • [OBPIH-1622] - FW: Deleting stock movement
  • [OBPIH-1647] - FW: Editing shipment - duplicates lines
  • [OBPIH-1716] - Support request
  • [OBPIH-1720] - Get error message even though bins have been assigned
  • [OBPIH-1773] - SBHF ticket- Export of product sources into an excel file
  • [OBPIH-1774] - SBHF Ticket -Import product sources
  • [OBPIH-1792] - Email dialog box on stock list details page
  • [OBPIH-1793] - List stock movements sorting
  • [OBPIH-1794] - Check Managed by field for stock list creation
  • [OBPIH-1799] - Download stocklist-- include excel option
  • [OBPIH-1813] - After click publish stock list should go to view stock list not edit stock list page
  • [OBPIH-1847] - When expand manage stock list lists, cannot scroll to bottom
  • [OBPIH-1848] - Remove delete option from completed putaway
  • [OBPIH-1873] - Inventory download columns are off
  • [OBPIH-1886] - FW: Add pricing information to stock list details page
  • [OBPIH-1893] - Consumption tab on stock card renders blank content
  • [OBPIH-1897] - Add search to stock list details page
  • [OBPIH-1906] - shipment name making reference column too wide
  • [OBPIH-1908] - Browser should be able to open stock list
  • [OBPIH-1910] - Improve email message from Old UI
  • [OBPIH-1911] - When open stock list, should not automatically go to edit setting
  • [OBPIH-1912] - FW: Rapid Transfer Error
  • [OBPIH-1916] - Change location label configuration to enable "testing" label
  • [OBPIH-1918] - search on stock list details page should work like global search
  • [OBPIH-1921] - When select clear stock list items, should stay within current stock list
  • [OBPIH-1942] - HOTFIX Regression: stock movement description disappears after you click on destination
  • [OBPIH-1947] - HOTFIX - Receiving bin creation not working


  • [OBPIH-1900] - Run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and make sure dependencies' version are correct
  • [OBPIH-1901] - Fix the VIEW in db
  • [OBPIH-1902] - Build the OB project, run automated tests, start the server
  • [OBPIH-1903] - Run test script that team usually runs before releases
  • [OBPIH-1904] - Run all of the previous steps for the actual production server
  • [OBPIH-1955] - Perform regression test script
  • [OBPIH-1966] - Tickets estimation - 16/04/2019
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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Apr 26, 2019 · 698 commits to develop since this release

Release Notes - Openboxes PIH - Version 0.8.4


  • [OBPIH-1307] - Should raise a more intuitive error message when user tries to substitute with the same product
  • [OBPIH-1562] - Lot search works in Dev but not in Prod
  • [OBPIH-1636] - After clicking "My stock movements" the "All" tab is bolded instead
  • [OBPIH-1668] - In stock movement workflow, duplicate items validation causing page skip
  • [OBPIH-1669] - Adding item to stock movement after making edits causes duplicate
  • [OBPIH-1671] - In stock movement workflow, pressing back should prompt save
  • [OBPIH-1687] - Delete should only be allowed for pending shipments
  • [OBPIH-1689] - "Updated by" on the stocklists is automatically assigned to creator.
  • [OBPIH-1723] - Receiving bins not filling in on receipt page
  • [OBPIH-1745] - Product not in receiving bin appears in create putaway
  • [OBPIH-1746] - HOTFIX: Set default sort order for old stock movements as index
  • [OBPIH-1747] - HOTFIX: Stock list pdf shows header on separate page from table
  • [OBPIH-1760] - Reconfigure dashboard and menus in Prod
  • [OBPIH-1823] - Investigate possible issue with data connection pool
  • [OBPIH-1846] - Reduce the number of Reason Code API requests on Pack page (?)
  • [OBPIH-1939] - HOTFIX Using ENTER in location dropdown on create stock movement page causes request to be submitted
  • [OBPIH-1951] - Implement performance improvements for global search


  • [OBPIH-778] - Deactivated products should not appear as substitutes in requisition screen
  • [OBPIH-1663] - Add save and exit button to stock movement and receiving workflow
  • [OBPIH-1665] - In edit pick modal, qty should be autofilled with current pick
  • [OBPIH-1666] - If user edits a pick, they cannot go back to edit stage and make changes
  • [OBPIH-1667] - On receiving edit modal, autofill new line
  • [OBPIH-1679] - Refactor updateStockMovement method
  • [OBPIH-1727] - Unify translation switch between old and new pages
  • [OBPIH-1744] - Improving sending email via stock management page.
  • [OBPIH-1842] - HOTFIX: Restore old bin location column in inventory level import
  • [OBPIH-1877] - WARN: Establishing SSL connection without server's identity verification is not recommended.


  • [OBPIH-618] - Email Liquibase author about Grails upgrade issue with existing database
  • [OBPIH-1413] - OBSY: import partial receipt
  • [OBPIH-1518] - Left align item column on add items page
  • [OBPIH-1541] - RE: Complete inventory list and products configuration
  • [OBPIH-1560] - Navigate menu options on react pages
  • [OBPIH-1655] - FW: When select stock list, add items page should start at top of page
  • [OBPIH-1658] - FW: Lines in receipt change order when go forward and back
  • [OBPIH-1721] - Add catalog box on dashboard, like tags
  • [OBPIH-1725] - When click complete putaway, automatically go to create putaway page
  • [OBPIH-1730] - Hot fix: Putaway Wrap Around Issue
  • [OBPIH-1733] - HOT FIX Add preferred bin field
  • [OBPIH-1737] - all users have viewing permissions for stock lists and can export PDF and excel form
  • [OBPIH-1738] - Test changing order of items during putaway
  • [OBPIH-1739] - Add functionality to sort by current or preferred bin in putaway workflow
  • [OBPIH-1751] - Disable autosuggest on receiving page
  • [OBPIH-1755] - Create more space to write on putaway report
  • [OBPIH-1756] - Search stock movement on list stock movements page does not work
  • [OBPIH-1758] - Hot fix: Managed by on stock list should let you add people not be limited to users
  • [OBPIH-1781] - Hot fix: Error when click on manage stock lists
  • [OBPIH-1782] - OBNAVSTAGE: No space left on disk
  • [OBPIH-1783] - Allow user to create internal locations of any type
  • [OBPIH-1789] - Issue on Prod: cannot change destination
  • [OBPIH-1791] - Getting confirm putaway error even though all lines have a putaway bin
  • [OBPIH-1796] - Proposal to change the way the receiving bin gets created
  • [OBPIH-1800] - Please restart OBNAV
  • [OBPIH-1802] - Allow user to delete a putaway
  • [OBPIH-1803] - If missing replenishment period, error in monthly stock list quantity in stock movement workflow
  • [OBPIH-1804] - Issue loading pick page
  • [OBPIH-1808] - When get stock list email, should say it is sent by the name of the user who was logged in and clicked email
  • [OBPIH-1817] - Rapidi shipments have status issued instead of shipped
  • [OBPIH-1826] - Description deletes after add origin
  • [OBPIH-1827] - FW: shipment pending
  • [OBPIH-1884] - [OpenBoxes] Error writing file '/tmp/MYVt6eGk' (Errcode: 28 - No space left on device)
  • [OBPIH-1899] - Identify meaningful Test Cases to be added to the test script
  • [OBPIH-1922] - When click publish stock list, should not be redirected to edit page
  • [OBPIH-1942] - HOTFIX Regression: stock movement description disappears after you click on destination
  • [OBPIH-1947] - HOTFIX - Receiving bin creation not working

New Feature

  • [OBPIH-793] - Inventory Report for multiple locations


  • [OBPIH-1849] - Install newrelic on OBNAV
  • [OBPIH-1850] - Install and configure netdata on all OB servers
  • [OBPIH-1851] - Create newrelic accounts for Soldevelo
  • [OBPIH-1915] - Perform regression test script
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