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Release notes - Openboxes - Version 0.8.16-hotfix3


OBPIH-4047 Cannot process 2 invoices against 1 shipment item

OBPIH-4032 PO template does not have a value for order by or payment term

OBPIH-4008 PO destination options should be based on receive stock activity code

OBPIH-3751 Ad Hoc/Stock indicator not working


OBPIH-4033 Override Job listener to prevent Hibernate exceptions from stopping the RefreshProductAvailabilityJob

OBPIH-3980 Allow non-superusers to see order links on PO and invoice

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Release notes - Openboxes PIH - Version 0.8.16 Hotfix 1


OBPIH-4027 Received items not showing up as invoice candidates

OBPIH-4009 Removing a catalog from one product removes it from all products

OBPIH-3985 Changing destination on PO shipment on final page does not save


OBPIH-3972 Search feature not working in OB

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Release notes - Openboxes PIH - Version 0.8.16 Hotfix 1


OBPIH-3984 When change origin on PO shipment, creates bad data

OBPIH-3978 On PO shipment, if split line and add lot and expiry date, can't move forward

OBPIH-3976 Invoice status not showing properly on list invoice page

OBPIH-3974 Print picklist no longer works when sort by bin

OBPIH-3973 Locations should not be available to select for PO vendor unless they have a supplier organization

OBPIH-3970 HOTFIX: PO import not working when source needs to be created


OBPIH-3873 Edits/Fixes to new PO template

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Release Notes

Release Date

28 July 2021


The focus for this release is on the Purchase Order / Invoice features, but we also have a few other exciting features that we'll discuss in the release notes. Most tickets in this release have been specified and funded by Partners In Health ( These tickets have been added to the OBPIH project (PIH's internal Jira instance).

We currently have four separate projects that will all have deliverables in the current release.

In addition, an alpha release of the OpenBoxes Mobile (OBMOB) application will probably be released around the same time. (check back in September)

Tickets that are priorities for other community members have also been added to this release. A few of these have funding associated with them so they will be prioritized. Others will be completed if we have time, but will likely be moved to the next release. If you would like to fund a particular feature in order to prioritize it on the back log please email us ( to discuss your requirements.



(WIP) #138 Allow signup/signin using common OAuth providers

(WIP) #1852 Warehousing Storage & Weight Calculation Feature Request

(WIP) #2045 GPS Shipment Tracking

(WIP) #2377 Display aggregated weight and volume funded statests


#1072 Improvements to document templates

#2244 OBPIH-3658 Add invoice data model

#2269 Add organization filter to Location list page

#2262 Add recaptcha to user signup to prevent spam registrations

#2360 Generate data model documentation


#2293 Build problem with putaway (both grail 1.3.9 and 3.3.10)

Partners In Health


OBPIH-3962 Require accounting does not work in central purchasing location

OBPIH-3946 Error while trying to run database migrations on copy of obnav database

OBPIH-3943 All records are displayed when search for not existing product on inventory browser

OBPIH-3942 PO fields visible on Putaway details page

OBPIH-3941 Inventory import broken on stage/dev

OBPIH-3940 Product Availability is not refreshing on obnavsatage

OBPIH-3938 Negative adjustments are added as positive to invoice

OBPIH-3937 Missing uom and unit price errors not visible when import PO template

OBPIH-3936 Unable to add adjustments for all items to invoice

OBPIH-3935 Wrong qty invoiced displayed in order line report for items with uom other than each

OBPIH-3932 Create new source entry on PO edit modal issues

OBPIH-3910 If user changes unit price after prepayment, prepayment invoice lines should not update

OBPIH-3909 Invoice workflow should show qty as qty per UOM

OBPIH-3908 Random error message displayed when open inventory browser

OBPIH-3905 Fix display of canceled lines/adjustments in final invoice

OBPIH-3902 Substitution lines are not visible in Outbound SM

OBPIH-3893 Complete status not showing on completed PO

OBPIH-3887 Spike: Inventory Browser > unexpected end of subtree

OBPIH-3885 Qty per uom should be visible in preinvoice and final invoice

OBPIH-3877 Source code being generated with random number series

OBPIH-3874 Formatting changes to prepayment invoice

OBPIH-3863 Canceled qty displayed incorrectly after going back and forth in receiving

OBPIH-3862 Canceled lines and adjustments are visible in prepayment invoice

OBPIH-3856 Incorrect buyer organization set on invoices

OBPIH-3852 Split line feature in combine shipments allows user to ship more than on PO

OBPIH-3847 Total price issues in preinvoces

OBPIH-3845 PO import template creating sources with no data

OBPIH-3834 Invoice Date of prepayment invoices is missing somewhere

OBPIH-3833 Canceled qty displayed incorrectly when cancel qty after going back and forth in receiving

OBPIH-3826 FW: PO Testing - Error Message

OBPIH-3823 UOM not matching on PO shipment import

OBPIH-3812 Product sources not appearing in POs

OBPIH-3811 Able to add canceled adjustment to invoice

OBPIH-3809 Total Price is calculated incorrectly on invoice for items with uom other than each

OBPIH-3807 Should allow order with only adjustments

OBPIH-3789 PO import UOM code doesn't match code shown in PO

OBPIH-3782 Shipment from PO should show goods receipt note

OBPIH-3772 Issues when delete items form invoice

OBPIH-3769 Unable to go to next page after deleting few invoice items

OBPIH-3767 Product supplier import template creates duplicate records if user double-clicks

OBPIH-3763 When click list orders from putaway details page, filter goes to POs

OBPIH-3762 Add validation for 0 qty when add items to invoice

OBPIH-3760 Cant have % order adjustment and amount order adjustment on same PO

OBPIH-3758 Order adjustment invoicing behavior

OBPIH-3746 Prevent user from receiving into default bin

OBPIH-3745 Receipt emails showing summarized receipt info, not current

OBPIH-3740 GL account and Budget Code displayed incorrectly on view Invoice page

OBPIH-3732 Dashboard indicator using wrong userID for queries


OBPIH-3713 Implement state machine for order statuses

OBPIH-3632 Temporary, simpler version of purchase view


OBPIH-3896 Allow managers with approver permissions to edit and rollback POs

OBPIH-3895 Only show orgs with supplier role in invoice dropdown

OBPIH-3894 Allow managers with invoice permission to delete pending invoices

OBPIH-3890 Add info & hyperlinks to add items modal

OBPIH-3889 Add information & hyperlinks to invoice view page

OBPIH-3888 Show payment terms and payment method on PO view page

OBPIH-3843 Add filters to list invoice page

OBPIH-3837 Add fields to list invoice page

OBPIH-3835 Fix issues connected to state machine for order statuses

OBPIH-3825 Add delete all button to combine shipments workflow

OBPIH-3824 Improvements to combine shipments workflow

OBPIH-3819 Add invoice tab to order page

OBPIH-3778 Add check box for all items on invoice modal

OBPIH-3777 Add search for description on order list page

OBPIH-3775 Improvements to order line details report

OBPIH-3768 Redo electronic stock card side bar

OBPIH-3761 Improve performance of vendor drop-down on invoice p1

OBPIH-3759 Make order adjustment description required

OBPIH-3756 Usability changes to add items modal

OBPIH-3755 Formatting change to invoice p2

OBPIH-3730 Add in invoice associations for invoice items, buyer organization and vendor

OBPIH-3651 Improve performance of Product API

OBPIH-3649 Improve performance of stocklist item API

OBPIH-3646 Spike: Investigate performance issue with stock movement item API

OBPIH-3642 Improve performance of global search

OBPIH-2925 Implement order list query using derived statuses

New Feature

OBPIH-3838 Improvements to invoice view page


OBPIH-3961 Add additional status to invoice "submitted for approval"

OBPIH-3891 Add save & exit button to invoice module

OBPIH-3878 Enable change of unit price for shipped order items

OBPIH-3876 Invoicing of prepayment doesn't work if PO has been edited

OBPIH-3858 Shipping status

OBPIH-3840 Generate prepayment invoice items from unshipped lines

OBPIH-3839 Enable deletion of pending invoice

OBPIH-3816 Disable certain changes to invoiced order adjustments

OBPIH-3815 Disable certain changes to invoiced order items

OBPIH-3813 Filter available invoice items by buyer org

OBPIH-3808 Add supplier org code to PO pages

OBPIH-3805 Filter PO destinations by "Receive stock"

OBPIH-3800 Validation for prepayment creation

OBPIH-3799 Require all lines on prepayment PO to be invoiced together

OBPIH-3798 Limit editing of PO after prepayment invoice generated

OBPIH-3797 Pull lines from prepayment invoice into final invoice

OBPIH-3796 Generate prepayment invoice

OBPIH-3791 Allow user to rollback and delete shipments from PO while in central purchasing location

OBPIH-3785 Create way to update recipient/ship dates through import

OBPIH-3784 Show uploaded documents on last page of invoice module

OBPIH-3783 Add vendor code into invoice dropdown

OBPIH-3731 bug on dashboard: pending putaways

OBPIH-3695 Update order item status when invoice posted

OBPIH-3682 Capture time on date requested/date issued in product details table

OBPIH-3679 Source preference type logic - default

OBPIH-3659 Invoice get lines API

OBPIH-3658 Invoice Data Migration

OBPIH-3638 Do not set destination on shipment for PO

OBPIH-3637 Allow user to rollback and edit shipments from vendor within purchasing location

OBPIH-3636 Allow user to change destination on PO for purchasing locations

OBPIH-3635 Change filters on PO list page for purchasing locations

OBPIH-3634 Add purchasing as location supported activity

OBPIH-3633 Add invoicing user permission

OBPIH-3624 Add searchable product type logic to search

OBPIH-3617 Refactor prepayment terms

OBPIH-3616 Invoice list page

OBPIH-3615 Invoice view page

OBPIH-3614 Invoice page 2: add lines modal

OBPIH-3576 Rollback invoice

OBPIH-3575 Invoice page 3: Confirm

OBPIH-3531 Bring PO documents/links through to invoice

OBPIH-3528 Invoice page 2

OBPIH-3527 Invoice page 1: Header

OBPIH-3247 Add expected receipt date to last page of shipment feature

OBPIH-3234 Spike: Make PO Printout editable by admin

OBPIH-3042 CLONE - Create landing page for cycle count report

OBPIH-3039 CLONE - 5.4.43 Align cycle count report with new inventory import


OBPIH-3737 Add data management features for product availability table

OBPIH-3239 Make sure that POs will increment properly starting after last rapidi PO#

OBPIH-3105 Enable 5 digit autoincrement product code



OBAM-229 Unable to delete zone


OBAM-230 UI page 2 - no printout

OBAM-228 Do not allow recall flag on default lot

OBAM-227 5.4.62 populate qty ATP pt 2

OBAM-225 Add zone to bin import/export

OBAM-224 Enable admin creation of zone

OBAM-223 Zone data model

OBAM-216 Update Qty ATP to subtract picked stock

OBAM-193 5.4.43 Align cycle count report with new inventory import

OBAM-192 Improve error message when importing bin that doesnt exist

OBAM-191 Add validations to inventory import review page

OBAM-190 Create landing page for cycle count report

OBAM-189 5.4.43 Revise inventory import template

OBAM-175 5.4.32 Add max and min inventory level to bins

OBAM-155 5.4.62 Populate qty available to promise

OBAM-151 5.4.68 Remove recalled items from Qty available to promise

OBAM-146 5.4.68 show lot as flagged in inventory views/reports

OBAM-145 5.4.68 allow admin to add recall flag to lot

OBAM-131 5.4.71 UI page 2 split line modal

OBAM-127 5.4.71 UI page 1

OBAM-126 5.4.71 Wizard

OBAM-119 5.4.50 request from depot w/out stocklist

OBAM-117 5.4.50 request from depot with stocklist: add autocalc inventory and monthly demand

OBAM-116 5.4.50 Add feature flag to distinguish consumption v max method

OBAM-106 5.1.4 Price history tab

OBAM-66 5.4.56 System differentiates between Emergency Requisitions and Regular Monthly Requisitions

OBAM-60 5.1.4 Build supplier list page

OBAM-51 5.8.29 Add reason code backorder

OBAM-36 5.8.23 Add zones to electronic stock card

OBAM-35 5.8.23 Add zones to pick workflow

OBAM-34 5.8.23 Add zones to put-away workflow

OBAM-33 5.8.23 Add zones to receiving screen

OBAM-32 5.8.23 Add zone to bin location report

OBAM-31 5.8.23 Create additional location above bin called zone

OBAM-28 5.8.23 Ability to group pick by warehouse zone

OBAM-25 5.6.13 The system supports the inspection of incoming goods and associated reporting (COS/DCOR) as part of the standard workflow at all facilities

OBAM-18 5.1.1 Supports storage of Invoice Files from Suppliers


OBAM-232 Add zone field to bin location tab

OBAM-226 5.4.62 Spike: populate qty available to promise pt 1

Digital Square


OBDS-2 Create an initial draft project plan for the push-button deployment

OBDS-7 Inventory import ignores zeros, not just blanks

OBDS-22 Spike: Design approach and create tickets

OBDS-25 Spike: Sort out the Azure sandbox environment for push-button deployment project

OBDS-26 Implement Azure Resource Manager MVP template

OBDS-27 Add the deployment button to OpenBoxes repo

OBDS-28 Spike: research how to integrate OB with (Instant) OpenHIE

OBDS-29 Test and adapt installation steps for OB in Grails 3

OBDS-30 Packer template MVP: Implement installation steps for OpenBoxes VM image

OBDS-31 Test the Packer template by deploying it on Azure

OBDS-32 Create a GitHub repo for Packer template

OBDS-33 Document installation steps for Grails 3 version of OB

OBDS-35 Setup free Azure environment to kick-off the work on project

OBDS-38 Create infrastructure resources using Azure resource manager through Azure UI

OBDS-41 ARM template documentation: Create a diagram visualizing resources created by the template

OBDS-43 Spike: Investigate steps to dockerize OpenBoxes

OBDS-46 Implement Dockerfile for OpenBoxes Grails v3 image

OBDS-47 Implement CI pipeline to build the Docker image and push it to Registry on each commit

OBDS-48 Implement a docker-compose configuration for OpenBoxes

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OBS-724 Intermittent exception was causing product availability table not to be refreshed after certain transactions

2021-04-20 14:44:04,553 [pool-3-thread-14] INFO  inventory.TransactionEventService  - Application event org.pih.warehouse.inventory.TransactionEvent[source=org.pih.warehouse.inventory.Transaction : 09f5e11678d5cf2f0178efb72c875dea] has been published! [forceRefresh:true, class:class org.pih.warehouse.inventory.TransactionEvent, timestamp:1618929844552, metaclass:org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.handlemetaclass@4582dc44[groovy.lang.expandometaclass@4582dc44[class org.pih.warehouse.inventory.TransactionEvent]], source:org.pih.warehouse.inventory.Transaction : 09f5e11678d5cf2f0178efb72c875dea] Exception in thread "pool-3-thread-14" org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.InvokerInvocationException: java.lang.InternalError: Marking a ResultSet inactive that we did not know was opened!
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This release includes a hotfix for a bug that was causing stale product availability data after large Putaway transactions. It also adds a very basic admin UI for comparing / refreshing product availability data for locations that are suspected to be out of sync.

Release Date

14 April 2021


  • OBS-706 Product availability not updating on putaway in certain cases
  • OBPIH-3737 Add data management features for product availability table
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Hotfixed a bug (related to Hibernate) that was preventing the product availability refresh job (triggered when transactions are saved) from seeing the most recent transaction which caused stale QoH values. The bug has only occurred during the Partial Receiving process and only occurs when the time to complete a "Receive Shipment" request takes longer than a few seconds. This may not have caused any issues for small inbound stock movements.

See PR #2294 for more details.

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Release Notes

Release Date

12 March 2021



  • [OBPIH-2949] - Fix batch/expiry date editing
  • [OBPIH-3334] - Default Put-Away Functionality
  • [OBPIH-3496] - Document/Shared drive linking
  • [OBPIH-3501] - Ship from PO improvements


  • [OBPIH-3019] - Add indicator definitions to dashboard - Design
  • [OBPIH-3084] - Dashboard: Value of inventory
  • [OBPIH-3215] - Mock up receiving redesign
  • [OBPIH-3320] - Prevent user from entering expiry date without lot # - receipt
  • [OBPIH-3321] - Allow edit expiry date in shipment (with warning message)
  • [OBPIH-3322] - Allow edit expiry date in receipt (with warning message)
  • [OBPIH-3323] - Prevent user from entering expiry date w/out lot - inventory transaction
  • [OBPIH-3324] - Prevent user from entering expiry date w/out lot - inbound shipment
  • [OBPIH-3326] - Update permissions and process for edit item
  • [OBPIH-3332] - configure a default put-away area based on product (by medicine/supply, drug category, etc.)
  • [OBPIH-3333] - In putaway workflow, put away bin defaults to preferred bin
  • [OBPIH-3393] - Putaway redesign mockup
  • [OBPIH-3401] - Sort outbound stock movement list
  • [OBPIH-3416] - Add indicator definitions to dashboard - backend
  • [OBPIH-3431] - Enable different types of widgets on same horizontal axis
  • [OBPIH-3439] - Source preference type shown by org in Electronic Stock Card
  • [OBPIH-3440] - Autofilter by source preference type in Electronic stock card
  • [OBPIH-3441] - User creation of preference type
  • [OBPIH-3442] - Preference type logic in POs
  • [OBPIH-3444] - Product Source Data Export
  • [OBPIH-3487] - Spike: Add QOO to product summary table
  • [OBPIH-3488] - Add product type to product creation
  • [OBPIH-3492] - Enable product supported activities
  • [OBPIH-3493] - Enable superuser add or edit product type
  • [OBPIH-3495] - Add fields to product source
  • [OBPIH-3499] - Add shared URL to product docs
  • [OBPIH-3500] - Show documents tab on electronic stock card
  • [OBPIH-3518] - Allow user to update preference type in product supplier edit on esc
  • [OBPIH-3519] - Product source preference import
  • [OBPIH-3544] - Add document availability to product supplier
  • [OBPIH-3547] - Improve page header on stock movement and receiving
  • [OBPIH-3548] - Hide received and cancel remaining columns when partial receiving disabled
  • [OBPIH-3549] - Make receipt date editable on last page of shipping workflow
  • [OBPIH-3550] - Improvements to receiving redesign
  • [OBPIH-3553] - Substitution modal on outbound should show full item name
  • [OBPIH-3587] - Spike: Investigate product summary view performance
  • [OBPIH-3589] - Product Source Data Import
  • [OBPIH-3590] - Product source attribute import
  • [OBPIH-3591] - Product source attribute Export
  • [OBPIH-3592] - Product Source Preference Export
  • [OBPIH-3593] - Improve Product Sources page
  • [OBPIH-3594] - Improve create/edit product sources
  • [OBPIH-3680] - Pending shipment items export


  • [OBPIH-3405] - In PO import, Refine check for existing sources
  • [OBPIH-3451] - Make combine shipment destination changeable
  • [OBPIH-3515] - Add Preferred bin location to import Inventory Level template
  • [OBPIH-3580] - Wrap teams links in document tabs
  • [OBPIH-3639] - Improve performance of Edit Product page
  • [OBPIH-3647] - Investigate performance of stock movement list page
  • [OBPIH-3709] - Allow superuser to edit the organization sequences and code

Bug / Tech Debt

  • [OBPIH-3296] - PO list page doesn't allow removal of destination filter
  • [OBPIH-3363] - Order of items is changing in PO when edit items qty after using import
  • [OBPIH-3415] - Improve Fill Rate Last 12 Month time period filtering
  • [OBPIH-3421] - Fix display of Average Monthly Demand for current and previous month
  • [OBPIH-3466] - When edit PO Origin, product source dropdown still shows original supplier sources
  • [OBPIH-3473] - Transaction number should be generated at the time we persist to the database
  • [OBPIH-3513] - Creating a mirrored transaction (e.g. immediate stock transfer) leads to validation error due to duplicate transaction number
  • [OBPIH-3534] - Pending Outbound data do not fit to tab when shipment name are long
  • [OBPIH-3535] - URL added as doc on product's edit page are not recognized properly
  • [OBPIH-3536] - Search of shipment number brings up old shipment screen
  • [OBPIH-3541] - ProductAvailability is not updated correctly after receive
  • [OBPIH-3542] - After split line on receive page only 1 lot is visible on packing list
  • [OBPIH-3622] - Unable to place PO
  • [OBPIH-3657] - Product package price doesn't update when add/edit
  • [OBPIH-3662] - Do not create shipment from PO with no shipment items
  • [OBPIH-3663] - Shipment list page changes after deletion
  • [OBPIH-3664] - Records in Product demand report missing reason code values
  • [OBPIH-3665] - Demand tab missing records for some products
  • [OBPIH-3668] - Contract price and Contract valid until are not saved when add product source
  • [OBPIH-3669] - Unable to edit qty in PO when at least 2 pending shipments created
  • [OBPIH-3671] - Add items to PO page is unusable in French
  • [OBPIH-3674] - Edit of destination in pending shipment does not save
  • [OBPIH-3683] - Split line button on pack doesn't work for imported shipment
  • [OBPIH-3689] - Reason codes are disappearing when go forward/backward in outbound sm
  • [OBPIH-3690] - Database migration failed during OBNAVSTAGE deployment of release/0.8.15 branch
  • [OBPIH-3693] - Dashboard is crashing for newly created location
  • [OBPIH-3698] - Unable to Add new product
  • [OBPIH-3700] - Validation on GL account does not display when edit product with require accounting enabled
  • [OBPIH-3702] - Unable to edit estimated and actual ready dates in PO
  • [OBPIH-3703] - Product source fields not visible when new source created through PO
  • [OBPIH-3704] - Unable to edit package to each when place PO
  • [OBPIH-3706] - RE: Purchase Order Printing
  • [OBPIH-3707] - Able to create empty PO shipment when Canceled items are in PO
  • [OBPIH-3708] - Cannot import depots and suppliers due to organization validation
  • [OBPIH-3711] - Edit product page doesn't display for products with other product type than default
  • [OBPIH-3712] - All fields are visible on add product page when product type with defined displayed fields selected

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • [OBPIH-1852] - [SPIKE] Investigate bottlenecks identified in New Relic
  • [OBPIH-3420] - Add filters to request detail report
  • [OBPIH-3538] - Meetings and communication - Sprint 55 - Happy Wallaby
  • [OBPIH-3556] - Meetings and communication - Sprint 56 - Sleepy Gorilla
  • [OBPIH-3607] - Meetings and communication - Sprint 57 - Zen Hornet
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Release Notes

Release Date

23 February 2021


  • OBPIH-3602 Update product availability on update of bin location, inventory item, product
  • OBPIH-3596 Prevent user from setting incorrect buyer party on PO
  • OBPIH-3603 Change email subject for shipping and receipt notifications
  • OBPIH-3554 Verify expiration date not in past on PO shipment import
  • OBPIH-3523 Investigate adding Teams URL as document in Shipment and PO
  • OBPIH-3522 Error message displayed when upload documents to PO shipment
  • OBPIH-3521 Old shipment workflow visible after deleting documents from PO shipment
  • OBPIH-3514 Putaway should use product availability table instead of calculating quantity on its own
  • OBPIH-3506 Add UOM validation to import
  • OBPIH-3505 Add items modal - cant see save button
  • OBPIH-3503 Qty available inconsistent in certain shipments
  • OBPIH-3502 Add UOM and budget code to PO shipment import/export
  • OBPIH-3498 Add shared url to PO docs
  • OBPIH-3497 Add shared URL to shipping docs
  • OBS-482 Allow user to export location data as an XLS
  • OBS-607 Improved error handling when importing bin locations
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Release Notes

Release Date

5 January 2021



  • [OBPIH-2860] - Add cancel line option to PO
  • [OBPIH-2678] - Catalogue items to show in chosen colour in stock list view and edit pages
  • [OBPIH-2805] - Create some way for origin depot to see incoming requests
  • [OBPIH-2806] - Dashboard: See incoming requests with status
  • [OBPIH-2821] - Transaction report: all columns should appear in CSV
  • [OBPIH-3030] - New Request Detail report - CSV Download
  • [OBPIH-3031] - New request detail report - load page
  • [OBPIH-3032] - New request detail report - Add parameters and run report
  • [OBPIH-3064] - Add catalog colors to PO search and view
  • [OBPIH-3108] - Make partial-receiving location specific permission
  • [OBPIH-3110] - Create Fill Rate Left Nav page
  • [OBPIH-3111] - Page-level filters on dashboard
  • [OBPIH-3139] - Stock out Last Month Pie Chart
  • [OBPIH-3141] - Implement Beta of Stock Movement Redesign for Outbound
  • [OBPIH-3177] - Change incoming stock movement status filter to multiselect
  • [OBPIH-3183] - Budget Coding - Admin
  • [OBPIH-3184] - Budget Coding - Add budget code to PO UI
  • [OBPIH-3185] - Make budget code required for some instances but not others
  • [OBPIH-3190] - Cancel line functionality
  • [OBPIH-3191] - Make cancel lines appear clearly on PO view/edit
  • [OBPIH-3192] - Find and replace usage of order.orderitems
  • [OBPIH-3195] - Maintain filters on dashboard reload
  • [OBPIH-3199] - Import shipment from multiple POs
  • [OBPIH-3200] - Spike: design data model for multi-shipment feature
  • [OBPIH-3201] - Create Shipment from PO UI - Add items modal
  • [OBPIH-3205] - Add Links to create shipment UI
  • [OBPIH-3206] - Create shipment from PO UI - Add/edit items page
  • [OBPIH-3207] - Create shipment from PO UI - send page
  • [OBPIH-3213] - Implement stock movement redesign for inbound
  • [OBPIH-3214] - Implement stock movement redesign for requests
  • [OBPIH-3223] - Improve create source in PO
  • [OBPIH-3240] - Enable some edits of PO lines with qty in shipments
  • [OBPIH-3242] - Add source name to PO line import and export
  • [OBPIH-3244] - Add table for general ledger account
  • [OBPIH-3245] - Update product edit page to add gl
  • [OBPIH-3246] - Turn off require GL on products and order adjustment types
  • [OBPIH-3249] - Improve Create source in PO line edit modal
  • [OBPIH-3262] - Request to add New Icons for Shipment Handling Requirements to the Browse Inventory page
  • [OBPIH-3263] - Create PO from shipment UI - split line
  • [OBPIH-3274] - Add GL to Order adjustment type
  • [OBPIH-3275] - Add validation to PO UI for GL code
  • [OBPIH-3276] - Create shipment from PO Header page
  • [OBPIH-3301] - Update ship date on shipment
  • [OBPIH-3303] - Sm redesign: Adjust left and right margin of top graphic to align with other elements
  • [OBPIH-3304] - Send page design changes
  • [OBPIH-3305] - Change order of fields on create page
  • [OBPIH-3306] - Add items button on stock movement page should cause scroll to bottom of table
  • [OBPIH-3345] - Spike: Design data model for invoice feature
  • [OBPIH-3346] - Spike: Design state machine for order statuses
  • [OBPIH-3355] - Enable cancel function for order adjustments
  • [OBPIH-3357] - Add validation to PO order adjustment for GL
  • [OBPIH-3364] - Design changes page filter
  • [OBPIH-3365] - Add search to dashboard filter
  • [OBPIH-3371] - Request from depot with stock list: add autocalc inventory
  • [OBPIH-3372] - Request from Depot without stocklist: autocalc inventory and consumption
  • [OBPIH-3387] - PO shipment feature design edits
  • [OBPIH-3388] - Send page of shipped shipment should have new design with destination and type editable
  • [OBPIH-3389] - Do not allow user to access send page on received or partially received shipments
  • [OBPIH-3390] - Should be able to re-enter shipment that is from multiple PO shipments workflow
  • [OBPIH-3391] - Resize dashboard widgets
  • [OBPIH-3392] - All shipments with status >= shipped should open to packing list page
  • [OBPIH-3395] - Add "Download available order items" option to PO SM
  • [OBPIH-3398] - Add additional fields to e-request edit page - from stocklist
  • [OBPIH-3399] - Add fields to request edit page - ad hoc
  • [OBPIH-3413] - Location Chooser Reorganization
  • [OBPIH-3414] - Use multiple PO workflow for single PO
  • [OBPIH-3417] - Distinguish e-request from paper request in SM
  • [OBPIH-3418] - Add header groupings to table


  • [OBPIH-2939] - Localize all labels / messages in the dashboard UI
  • [OBPIH-3115] - Create indexes on product demand table to make it faster
  • [OBPIH-3165] - Add Request type field to Create Request Stock page
  • [OBPIH-3171] - Add link to outgoing stock movements in progress indicator
  • [OBPIH-3176] - Refactor Purchase Order workflow to remove webflow dependency
  • [OBPIH-3178] - React should pull supported locales from configuration
  • [OBPIH-3258] - Adjustments of deleted items are visible on Add and View Adjustment tab
  • [OBPIH-3259] - Formatting Changes to Stock Movement Design
  • [OBPIH-3260] - Stock movement design header and page fit changes
  • [OBPIH-3261] - Update breadcrumbs to show shipment number, not ID
  • [OBPIH-3269] - Include budget code in import template for PO
  • [OBPIH-3280] - Populate product availability as part of transaction
  • [OBPIH-3286] - Add item hyperlink to PO summary tab
  • [OBPIH-3316] - Replace queries against inventory snapshot with product availability to improve performance
  • [OBPIH-3337] - Spike: Allow user to delete document from stock movement page
  • [OBPIH-3340] - Small improvements to Add items combine shipment modal
  • [OBPIH-3350] - Change role check while building menu from config
  • [OBPIH-3354] - Show name of GL account in drop down on Product Page
  • [OBPIH-3356] - Do not show supplier code, manufacturer, manufacturer code as editable on PO line
  • [OBPIH-3376] - Include handling icons on Request stock


  • [OBPIH-3124] - Date filter on Transaction list works only on the first page of results
  • [OBPIH-3132] - Creating additional line when revise qty, then substitute
  • [OBPIH-3168] - Error creating bean with name 'localizationService': Scope 'session' is not active for the current thread
  • [OBPIH-3236] - Qty issues after input revise qty and then substitute
  • [OBPIH-3257] - Product name label is broken on edit page after save and exit from SM
  • [OBPIH-3287] - Fill rate indicators showing this month not last month
  • [OBPIH-3314] - Items received with a discrepancy time filter issue
  • [OBPIH-3330] - Download documents button doesn't work on Inbound Send page
  • [OBPIH-3338] - Cancelled items are displayed in Add modal in combine shipment
  • [OBPIH-3339] - Save shipment items before opening modal
  • [OBPIH-3344] - Deleted item after split line is restored when go forward/backward
  • [OBPIH-3348] - Error on pending outbound tab
  • [OBPIH-3349] - Cleared selection is restored after using filters on Add items modal PO shipment
  • [OBPIH-3351] - Order of items is changing in background when open Add items modal
  • [OBPIH-3352] - Validation highlight not immediately visible when add item with qty 0
  • [OBPIH-3368] - Edit product results in error
  • [OBPIH-3369] - Should not be able to edit or delete depot shipment from destination
  • [OBPIH-3375] - Scroll issue when add 14-20 items to stock movement
  • [OBPIH-3397] - Add validation to prevent ship date being an invalid date
  • [OBPIH-3422] - Error message displayed when try to ship sm with uploaded doc randomly
  • [OBPIH-3432] - Canceled line displayed in putaway details page after splitting line
  • [OBPIH-3433] - PO options are visible for Putaways
  • [OBPIH-3434] - Stocklist qty displayed incorrectly for stocklists sorted by category in request stock workflow
  • [OBPIH-3435] - Undo button on request edit page removes comment
  • [OBPIH-3437] - Infinite load when click outside of Confirm Send dialog
  • [OBPIH-3453] - Issued shipments are visible on list hyperlinked to Your in progress shipments card
  • [OBPIH-3454] - Data mismatch between Expired products in stock and Expired stock report
  • [OBPIH-3455] - Products in Default Bin card shows 0 but products in default bin exist
  • [OBPIH-3456] - Updated by filtering doesn't work on list of SM
  • [OBPIH-3457] - Wrap French column headers on Receive page
  • [OBPIH-3458] - Email notification on shipping and receiving doesn't work on obnavstage
  • [OBPIH-3459] - Unable to log in when default location not selected for user
  • [OBPIH-3460] - Needed Qty calculated incorrectly when demand is >= 1000 in stock request
  • [OBPIH-3465] - Higher Qty validation not always visible in combine shipment
  • [OBPIH-3467] - Order of items is changing when add new items to SM from stocklist
  • [OBPIH-3468] - Field highlight not visible when scroll down Revised Qty column using arrow
  • [OBPIH-3470] - My stock movements filter doesn't work for Inbound and Outbound list
  • [OBPIH-3471] - Hyperlinks to PO on pending inbound tab don't work
  • [OBPIH-3472] - Invalid qty available displayed after undo both substitutions on one item
  • [OBPIH-3503] - Qty available inconsistent in certain shipments


  • [OBPIH-2568] - Ticket for small change to the sources tab
  • [OBPIH-2602] - Redesign of Consumption/Demand Tab
  • [OBPIH-3172] - Improve delayed incoming stock movement indicator
  • [OBPIH-3218] - Update PO# to have one less digit
  • [OBPIH-3450] - Perform regression test script