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    Release Notes - Openboxes PIH - Version 0.8.1


  • [OBPIH-1316] - Navigation buttons should always be visible on put-away pages
  • [OBPIH-1317] - Should be able to see navigation buttons on stock movement page at all times
  • [OBPIH-1318] - Should be able to see navigation buttons on receiving page at all times
  • [OBPIH-1320] - Make expiry date fully visible on add items screen
  • [OBPIH-1327] - Autofill origin/destination based on menu selection
  • [OBPIH-1333] - Sort search results in stock movement origin/destination
  • [OBPIH-1352] - Filter stock movement list page by status
  • [OBPIH-1362] - Picking process does not seem to validate and prevent overpicking from a bin location
  • [OBPIH-1366] - Prioritize item search on add items page
  • [OBPIH-1407] - OBSYS: incomplete search on global search on react pages
  • [OBPIH-1431] - Cannot download CSV from OB in firefox
  • [OBPIH-1437] - Allow stocklist item to have max qty 0
  • [OBPIH-1438] - Add comment on receiving feature
  • [OBPIH-1468] - Remove "confirm save" validation when exporting template on add items page
  • [OBPIH-1496] - Partial receiving page not loading on OBDEV


  • [OBPIH-1000] - Add support for search terms to Product API
  • [OBPIH-1068] - Stocklist-based requisitions should save reference to stocklist
  • [OBPIH-1118] - API should auto-detect and change status to Received when an inbound shipment has been received fully
  • [OBPIH-1442] - System should throw error when there are extra newlines in CSV when importing via stock movement workflow.
  • [OBPIH-1479] - Received tab for incoming stock movements is incomplete list


  • [OBPIH-962] - OBSYS: Edit stock movement: max stock list quantity
  • [OBPIH-1056] - OBSYS: Sorting items in stock movement
  • [OBPIH-1093] - OBSYS: 8.1 highlight lines to bring attention to those that need editing
  • [OBPIH-1188] - OBSYS: improve error message importing a packing list
  • [OBPIH-1253] - OBSYS: features not visible to all users
  • [OBPIH-1285] - OBSYS: when split line on pack page, recipient only showing on one line
  • [OBPIH-1386] - OBSYS: add save button on last page of stock movement workflow
  • [OBPIH-1388] - OBSYS: improve first page of receiving workflow
  • [OBPIH-1394] - OBSYS: when go to pack page, order of items changes
  • [OBPIH-1396] - OBSYS: need to see full column description
  • [OBPIH-1408] - OBSYS: activate save button on Edit page
  • [OBPIH-1432] - Improve error message
  • [OBPIH-1433] - Improve re-import workflow
  • [OBPIH-1453] - Improve date selection on create stock movement page
  • [OBPIH-1482] - Ensure there is way to hide stock list management feature in production until complete

New Feature

  • [OBPIH-1440] - Create Stock List Management API
  • [OBPIH-1478] - Create API to manage Stocklist Items


  • [OBPIH-1303] - Allow user to rollback stock movement


  • [OBPIH-852] - Authorization overhaul
  • [OBPIH-858] - Create header search field component.
  • [OBPIH-919] - Look for ways to improve performance for rendering page in stock movement workflow
  • [OBPIH-1074] - Wire up adjusting inventory on step 4
  • [OBPIH-1337] - Create tickets for Stock List Management feature


  • [OBPIH-1422] - Create general Stock List Management page skeleton
  • [OBPIH-1423] - Create SubComponent for stockLists inside location Tree Table
  • [OBPIH-1425] - Create row at the end of Location Group for Adding item to Stock List

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