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    Release Notes - Openboxes PIH - Version 0.8.2


  • [OBPIH-1227] - "Show lot number" option on stock card not working (in Prod)
  • [OBPIH-1351] - "Requested by" search on sm page 1 loads much slower than other fields and sometimes not at all
  • [OBPIH-1409] - Picked quantity does not match issued quantity
  • [OBPIH-1491] - Replenishment period and manager fields should not be editable
  • [OBPIH-1495] - Stock movement from stock list shows issued items as pending
  • [OBPIH-1509] - Cannot change stocklist when going back to Step 1
  • [OBPIH-1515] - hotfix: add items page item search not working
  • [OBPIH-1516] - Need a way for user to easily see that they are receiving more qty than expected
  • [OBPIH-1561] - Issue with translation - field names not showing up
  • [OBPIH-1580] - Bug: tried to send shipment and got error message
  • [OBPIH-1584] - Translations API not working when deployed to OBDEV
  • [OBPIH-1589] - French translations appearing when French language not selected on old and new pages


  • [OBPIH-511] - On pick page include option to sort lines in bin location order
  • [OBPIH-1141] - Display validation errors in alert in case of 400 response from API
  • [OBPIH-1293] - On add items page, allow user to use arrow keys
  • [OBPIH-1480] - List inbound stock movements tabs change as you click through pagination
  • [OBPIH-1492] - Monthly demand should be calculated using replenishment period and max quantity
  • [OBPIH-1493] - Use pivot table instead of tree table on Stocklist management page
  • [OBPIH-1494] - Stocklists should be grouped by origin instead of destination
  • [OBPIH-1504] - Allow user to change name and type of stock movement after shipment
  • [OBPIH-1547] - Pending putaway items should not be available in new putaways


  • [OBPIH-912] - OBSYS: When add an item in Step 2, should bring in Qty availably and Monthly consumptions in Edit step
  • [OBPIH-922] - OBSYS: Generate putaway number and name
  • [OBPIH-960] - OBSYS: Add new browse inventory UI
  • [OBPIH-1204] - OBSYS: fix extra lines and scroll on put away pages
  • [OBPIH-1221] - OBSYS: clean up button clutter
  • [OBPIH-1239] - OBSYS: Put away-- need ability to create pending put away
  • [OBPIH-1240] - OBSYS: complete a put away from pending put away status
  • [OBPIH-1241] - OBSYS: improve put away view page
  • [OBPIH-1341] - OBSYS: align react menus with menus on old pages
  • [OBPIH-1354] - OBSYS: fix catalog export
  • [OBPIH-1389] - OBSYS: receiving not working properly if leave blank
  • [OBPIH-1395] - OBSYS: imported incorrect format for lot #
  • [OBPIH-1412] - OBSYS: increase space dedicated to viewing list of items on receiving page
  • [OBPIH-1461] - On edit page, improve confirmation message when save
  • [OBPIH-1464] - If qty not available, should not show up as substitute
  • [OBPIH-1470] - Error in creating stock movements
  • [OBPIH-1487] - Add header to stock list management page
  • [OBPIH-1489] - Deactivated item should not show up in stock movement workflow
  • [OBPIH-1490] - Add button to stock card for stock list management
  • [OBPIH-1500] - Hotfix: Must have a receipt error thrown during partial receiving
  • [OBPIH-1505] - Changes to stock list details page
  • [OBPIH-1507] - Synchronize columns on receiving pages
  • [OBPIH-1513] - Improve filter on global search
  • [OBPIH-1517] - Save button on last page of stock movement workflow not working
  • [OBPIH-1519] - Add header to adjust inventory modal
  • [OBPIH-1520] - Date selection menu issue
  • [OBPIH-1522] - Should be able to click on name of stock list to open list
  • [OBPIH-1523] - Red zeroes on edit items page disappear after press save on main page or in a modal
  • [OBPIH-1526] - Issue for receiving shipment
  • [OBPIH-1528] - See full column names
  • [OBPIH-1532] - Streamline stock list details page and menu
  • [OBPIH-1533] - in substitution modal, put lines in red that have earlier substitution date
  • [OBPIH-1537] - Re: Export of bin locations
  • [OBPIH-1542] - Exclude/include lines in pending put aways feature
  • [OBPIH-1546] - Remove option for download on last page of stock movement workflow
  • [OBPIH-1557] - BUG; When click on button to bring up substitution modal, get blank page
  • [OBPIH-1576] - Duplicate lines crossed out on pick page
  • [OBPIH-1591] - FW: product name not showing in pick modal
  • [OBPIH-1594] - Internal server error on send page of stock movement workflow


  • [OBPIH-882] - Support translations for Stock Movement Form
  • [OBPIH-1306] - Ensure users can create a requisition after potential breaking change to date format
  • [OBPIH-1383] - Add bamboo task to automatically restore OBNAVSTAGE database from backup
  • [OBPIH-1476] - Create message API supporting translation
  • [OBPIH-1484] - Add replenishmentPeriod field to requisition
  • [OBPIH-1486] - Support translations for all react pages


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