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@jmiranda jmiranda released this May 2, 2015 · 5320 commits to develop since this release

Release Notes

  • Fixed #58: TransientObjectException: object references an unsaved transient instance - save the transient instance before flushing: org.pih.warehouse.core.Person
  • Allow user to delete all containers and items (useful if there's an issue with Excel import)
  • Fixed bug encountered when substituting an item within a requisition
  • Improvements to the inventory snapshot feature (performance improvements, added re-index feature, added download feature, additional columns, caching)
  • Improved error handling for send shipment feature
  • Fixed bug where dashboard reported an unknown error whenever a user navigated away from the page before the Fast Movers widget was finished populating via AJAX
  • Fixed #61 Shipment event dates should not be set to midnight
  • Added translations to
  • Added timestamp component to verified date for requisitions
  • UI improvement for the requisition and shipment pages
  • UI improvements for the purchase order feature
  • Improvements to the bug report tool
  • Fixed minor display bug where product code was being displayed twice
  • Disabled the barcode scanner by default
  • Fixed bug with error handling related to adding an event to a shipment
  • Fixed an integration test that caused continuous integration build to fail
  • Minor UI changes to a few admin pages (and masked all passwords displayed on the settings page for security reasons).
  • Added explicit type declaration for mail service to prevent collisions with the service in the mail plugin
  • Added ability to test email from within the app
  • Fixed #60: Sending the email to the following server failed :
  • Fixed minor bug with test email feature
  • Minor enhancements to the shipment UI
  • Added improvements to import packing list and delete container features
  • Added better error handling (so that the default error page is not displayed) and made minor changes to the edit packing list, as well as the shipment listing and receipt pages
  • Added relative time tag to display most significant value of time duration on shipment page (in transit, in customs)
  • Fixed #37: added better error handling for formatting and validation errors
  • Allow user to edit the time component of an event date
  • Minor UI improvements to the shipment summary and details GSPs
  • Improved the wizard step header
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