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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Jan 15, 2020 · 63 commits to develop since this release

Release Date

14 January 2020



  • [OBPIH-2228] - Create way to substitute a product that is not linked
  • [OBPIH-2342] - Improve goods received note
  • [OBPIH-2399] - Improve formatting of inventory adjustment reason codes
  • [OBPIH-2407] - If reason code selected in substitution modal, should display in Request details tab of stock movement details
  • [OBPIH-2416] - Validation for expiration date
  • [OBPIH-2446] - When refreshing fact and dimension tables need to have PK reset to 0
  • [OBPIH-2447] - When stock movement is issued ensure that requisition_id is being set on transaction table
  • [OBPIH-2475] - Rewrite demand calculation taking into account pick
  • [OBPIH-2481] - Filter out received lines on incoming shipments tab
  • [OBPIH-2483] - Add tag and formulary fields to key reports
  • [OBPIH-2489] - Add product category to catalog import/export
  • [OBPIH-2488] - Stock history improvement: Add show all button at the year level
  • [OBPIH-2490] - Improve error if try to mark as consumed in a location with this feature disabled
  • [OBPIH-2495] - FW: Access denied when deleting stock list item
  • [OBPIH-2511] - Replenishment misspelled on PDF stock list
  • [OBPIH-2521] - Automatically refresh demand data tables
  • [OBPIH-2525] - Enable down arrow on receiving page
  • [OBPIH-2535] - Do not need reason code on pick list
  • [OBPIH-2541] - Issued showing up as yellow in request details tab
  • [OBPIH-2549] - Left align code and product name on all react pages (and align headers)
  • [OBPIH-2564] - Demand calculation should restrict the number of months
  • [OBPIH-2565] - Allow user to export all demand data


  • [OBPIH-2389] - Partial substitution fails when increasing the qty when substituting
  • [OBPIH-2406] - Reason code option not showing up in some substitution modals
  • [OBPIH-2491] - Expiring report on dashboard not showing all items
  • [OBPIH-2499] - Level/Packing Unit different Names Used in OB
  • [OBPIH-2500] - Demand Average bug fix
  • [OBPIH-2529] - Allow user to adjust stock from negative quantity
  • [OBPIH-2531] - Breadcrumbs displaying WEB-INF.index due to bug with url mapping
  • [OBPIH-2542] - CSV versions of Expiration Summary reports are broken
  • [OBPIH-2545] - Reason code is doubled on request details tab when substitute item with qty 0.
  • [OBPIH-2546] - Error message displayed when substitute partially with lower qty than initially requested
  • [OBPIH-2556] - Exception occurs while exporting products
  • [OBPIH-2571] - Access denied displayed when try to delete items from putaway as non-admin user
  • [OBPIH-2583] - Unable to rollback Outbound Stock Movements


  • [OBPIH-2080] - Add cold chain and other material handling attributes
  • [OBPIH-2258] - in-depth testing of transaction report
  • [OBPIH-2472] - Request details: Label not taking into account changes at pick stage
  • [OBPIH-2474] - Demand Calculation Error - increase at edit
  • [OBPIH-2526] - Enable Down Arrow navigation on all pages of stock movement workflow
  • [OBPIH-2527] - Enable copy down shortcut on all react pages
  • [OBPIH-2558] - Reason code in substitution modal auto-filling pharmacist approved sub
  • [OBPIH-2562] - Custom sub: reason code in sub modal should be required for qty change (like reg sub)
  • [OBPIH-2566] - Validate expiration date on packing list import (inbound stock movement)
  • [OBPIH-2570] - Perform regression test script
  • [OBPIH-2576] - Error: Node Sass does not yet support your current environment: Linux 64-bit with Unsupported runtime (79)

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