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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Jul 10, 2019 · 323 commits to develop since this release

Release Notes

Release Date

10 July 2019

Notable Changes

  • Meh


New Features

  • [OBPIH-2062] - Product association export
  • [OBPIH-2063] - Filter products by catalog


  • [OBPIH-2059] - Improve current consumption report
  • [OBPIH-2060] - Stop autofill of date fields in chrome on certain pages
  • [OBPIH-2061] - Improve inventory by location report
  • [OBPIH-2096] - Improve performance of stock movement revise item API
  • [OBPIH-2111] - Deadlock found when trying to get lock during batch insert on inventory snapshot table

Bug Fixes

  • [OBPIH-1629] - New Transaction Report
  • [OBPIH-1880] - DefaultConnectionTester - SQL State '08001' of Exception which occurred during a Connection test (test with query 'SELECT 1') implies that the database is invalid, and the pool should refill itself with fresh Connections.
  • [OBPIH-2123] - Stock Card > Table 'openboxes.product_demand' doesn't exist (on Ubuntu 14.04)


  • [OBPIH-1596] - When change stock movement name, does not change on list stock movements page
  • [OBPIH-1853] - Export Products needs to show old item codes
  • [OBPIH-1989] - Validation to prevent duplicate bin names by location
  • [OBPIH-2035] - Test special characters
  • [OBPIH-2044] - After translate to french, reason codes do not always translate
  • [OBPIH-2047] - Warning messages need translation
  • [OBPIH-2051] - Translate shipment type
  • [OBPIH-2058] - When have a green notification window, should disappear automatically after a few seconds
  • [OBPIH-2066] - Only show original requested qty on delivery note
  • [OBPIH-2072] - Add notes to delivery notes
  • [OBPIH-2074] - UOM not showing up on create source page
  • [OBPIH-2075] - accent from unit of measure does not carry over to create product page
  • [OBPIH-2079] - When choose a date in date chooser, pop-up should close
  • [OBPIH-2081] - Questions for Justin
  • [OBPIH-2086] - Stocklist option on menu bar does not have drop-down options on react pages
  • [OBPIH-2087] - Location-supplier not showing up in Supplier drop-down of create source page
  • [OBPIH-2088] - Add blank logo to PDF exports
  • [OBPIH-2095] - filter for locations available on create stock movement page should depend on location status not location type
  • [OBPIH-2102] - Different number of items on dashboard and in report for Expires within 30 days report
  • [OBPIH-2119] - Copy prod to staging on morning of June 7th for Malawi training prep
  • [OBPIH-2124] - OB Logo
  • [OBPIH-2125] - Generating empty picklist for certain outbound stock movements
  • [OBPIH-2128] - Recreate inventory snapshot index
  • [OBPIH-2131] - Outgoing not picking in OB
  • [OBPIH-2132] - Inaccurate QoH in search
  • [OBPIH-2133] - RE: Outgoing not picking in OB
  • [OBPIH-2137] - Should not be able to see draft stocklists in drop down menu on shipments
  • [OBPIH-2138] - Cannot sent stock list email from stock list details page
  • [OBPIH-2139] - OB stock doubling and tripling issue
  • [OBPIH-2140] - Make sure that page loader symbol appear while data is loading on all react pages
  • [OBPIH-2141] - Make sure next button not available until current page has loaded
  • [OBPIH-2144] - hotfix: bug on inventory level import
  • [OBPIH-2145] - RE: Rapidi Replication issue
  • [OBPIH-2153] - Product source import does not import legacy product code
  • [OBPIH-2157] - Simplify user dropdown
  • [OBPIH-2161] - Create validation for picking
  • [OBPIH-2162] - substitution modal not loading correctly
  • [OBPIH-2164] - Configure PIH logo to be visible on top of screen; documents
  • [OBPIH-2169] - Testing on different screen resolution
  • [OBPIH-2173] - Undo edit button on Pick page doesn't fit to the page on resolution 1366 x 768
  • [OBPIH-2174] - "Unpacked" is not visible on Receive page and overlaps checkbox on resolution 1366 x 768
  • [OBPIH-2203] - Review and Improve Test Script
  • [OBPIH-2209] - Inbound shipments page broken
  • [OBPIH-2219] - Server restart
  • [OBPIH-2223] - List stock lists page broken
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