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@jmiranda jmiranda released this Sep 20, 2019 · 97 commits to develop since this release

Release Notes

Release Date

September 20, 2019

Notable Changes

[OBPIH-2009] - Supported activities should not be overridden whenever a location is edited

Supported Activities can be returned to defaults set by Location Type


[OBPIH-2193] - Stock alerts for expiring, expired, and stock levels

Daily emails for expiring and expired stock


Daily emails for stockouts as well as other stock alerts


Allow user to subscribe to stock and expiry alerts


[OBPIH-2197] - Allow user to create transactions for new transaction types dispensed and donated

Stock Card > Create new transaction


Create custom transaction type


List custom transaction types


[OBPIH-2281] - Improve permissions to allow multiple user roles per location


[OBPIH-2226] - Improve transaction report


[OBPIH-2375] Stock Card > Improvements to inventory snapshot chart and data table to help debug issues with QoH



New Feature

  • [OBPIH-2011] - Report on items in shipments - simple version
  • [OBPIH-2147] - Export stock history
  • [OBPIH-2193] - Stock alerts for expiring, expired, and stock levels


  • [OBPIH-2049] - Export stock movement list
  • [OBPIH-2197] - Allow user to create transactions for new transaction types dispensed and donated
  • [OBPIH-2166] - Improve look of stock movement edit page
  • [OBPIH-2205] - Change pre-set shipment date in stock movement workflow
  • [OBPIH-2212] - Improve Requisition tab (for stock from Depot)
  • [OBPIH-2214] - Improve last page of shipped shipment
  • [OBPIH-2220] - Save pick change reason code
  • [OBPIH-2226] - Improve transaction report
  • [OBPIH-2231] - Make comment field editable after shipment
  • [OBPIH-2245] - Make consumption report CSV show origin in name
  • [OBPIH-2246] - Remove putaway transactions from debits and credits on transaction report
  • [OBPIH-2266] - add time stamp and refresh button on transaction report
  • [OBPIH-2270] - Adjust Inventory option available from the Stock Card action menu should create an adjustment transaction
  • [OBPIH-2277] - Transaction report should include all transaction types
  • [OBPIH-2281] - Improve permissions to allow multiple user roles per location
  • [OBPIH-2299] - Generate tickets for Stock movement bug fixes
  • [OBPIH-2328] - Delivery note incorrect when reduce qty at pick stage
  • [OBPIH-2337] - On last page of SM, footer overlapping page
  • [OBPIH-2345] - Box/Pallet error keeps appearing after correction; causes bug on reload
  • [OBPIH-2347] - View shipment page for shipped SMs should open on packing list tab
  • [OBPIH-2349] - Enable changing tracking no and driver name after shipment
  • [OBPIH-2361] - Create a way to hard refresh the autopick on sm pick page
  • [OBPIH-2363] - Improve validation error when item is not picked with no reason code
  • [OBPIH-2364] - Autopick issue on multiple substitutions
  • [OBPIH-2365] - Autopick issues

Bug Fixes

  • [OBPIH-856] - Move layout footer to react frontend
  • [OBPIH-2009] - Supported activities should not be overridden whenever a location is edited
  • [OBPIH-2010] - Inventory snapshot process sometimes leaves stale data
  • [OBPIH-2039] - When select financial user, location chooser is not limited to selected locations
  • [OBPIH-2215] - Monthly stocklist qty should be blank for subs, not "replenishment period not found"
  • [OBPIH-2225] - Redo Reporting Menu
  • [OBPIH-2230] - MissingMethodException: No signature of method: static java.lang.Boolean.parseBoolean() is applicable for argument types: (null) values: [null]
  • [OBPIH-2241] - Re: Division by zero
  • [OBPIH-2248] - Attempts to ship stock movements and record stock have been met with a lock wait timeout error
  • [OBPIH-2249] - Stock history is missing receipts due to error saving transaction
  • [OBPIH-2285] - Error message after using Next button on Add Items page of Inbound Stock Movement Workflow
  • [OBPIH-2287] - HOT FIX Inventory by location vs Stock download
  • [OBPIH-2288] - Qty in search bar is different to actual qty on hand
  • [OBPIH-2297] - Blocker: Error on outgoing shipment first page
  • [OBPIH-2298] - Validation error on multiple substitutions
  • [OBPIH-2321] - Error on list outbound shipments
  • [OBPIH-2322] - Expression #2 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column '' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
  • [OBPIH-2375] - Stock movement showed incorrect QOH, allowed pick of non-existing stock
  • [OBPIH-2376] - Duplicate alerts being sent
  • [OBPIH-2379] - Test that QOH in stock movement matches QOH in electronic stock card
  • [OBPIH-2383] - Adjust stock downward triggers an error


  • [OBPIH-1920] - SBHF Refresh obtest database from obprod every night
  • [OBPIH-2271] - Fix security alerts appearing on Github repo
  • [OBPIH-2289] - Create test cases for use cases listed in attached spreadsheet
  • [OBPIH-2372] - Change all user permissions to limit global admin and superuser
  • [OBPIH-2378] - Perform regression test script
  • [OBPIH-1193] - OBSYS: improve global search when no results found
  • [OBPIH-2028] - OB Issue
  • [OBPIH-2078] - "Show" bin button not showing list of items
  • [OBPIH-2127] - Error reported in PAP
  • [OBPIH-2167] - Export multiple stock lists in one spreadsheet
  • [OBPIH-2206] - improve global search: indicate formulary items
  • [OBPIH-2218] - Improve Undo on Edit page
  • [OBPIH-2236] - Investigate possible bug related to reason codes
  • [OBPIH-2239] - restart Malawi test server
  • [OBPIH-2240] - improve list product sources page
  • [OBPIH-2253] - User cannot see reason codes during pick
  • [OBPIH-2259] - RE: New requestor names in OB
  • [OBPIH-2260] - Jira settings: Creating a default reporter for users who are not registered in Jira
  • [OBPIH-2267] - Menu labels on react pages are misconfigured
  • [OBPIH-2268] - Cannot see impersonating user warning on react pages
  • [OBPIH-2278] - Fwd: Sources import for SBHF
  • [OBPIH-2279] - Old item number in OpenBoxes does not match Nav
  • [OBPIH-2280] - Cannot Use the Delete All Button on Shipments
  • [OBPIH-2284] - Change name of Current Location tab on stock card
  • [OBPIH-2290] - Add Product category and unit cost to transaction report
  • [OBPIH-2292] - Consumption report: Limit choices for origin to locations with activity code manage inventory
  • [OBPIH-2306] - Restart OBNAVSTAGE
  • [OBPIH-2323] - Unable to open inbound stock movement
  • [OBPIH-2326] - Bin location report broken on stage
  • [OBPIH-2367] - Cancelled items showing up in pending inbound
  • [OBPIH-2369] - OB Error - 'bad request. validation errors'
  • [OBPIH-2370] - Boston SL phantom stock
  • [OBPIH-2374] - FW: Product export

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