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OpenBroadcaster Multimedia Server


One OBServer may manage one or more OBPlayers in a synchronized network configuration or have the server and playout on one device or VM. There is a robust Plugin Module Architecture with many modules extending the core server application. The server has a documented API to enable sharing digital media assets and metadata with revocable secure keys.


To install OBServer, you should have a basic understanding of the Linux shell terminal. Once installed, every aspect of your station is managed via OBServer's web interface.

Follow our Install instructions and Post Installation Troubleshooting guide for instructions on how to install OpenBroadcaster on your own server.


If you need help with OpenBroadcaster, the first place you should visit is our Support page, which features solutions to a number of commonly encountered issues and questions.


Users have sent us Frequently Asked Questions and asked common technical questions.


Documentation and user guides can be found in the project's Support website:

Change Log

Visit our Change Log and project history.

API Access

All of the functionality and metadata in OBServer, (Media, Playlists,Scheduling) is available through our Documented API

New feature requests

You can visit our GitHub Issues pages to submit a new feature request or comment on existing projects.

Bug and error reports

We rely exclusively on our GitHub Issues to diagnose, track and update these reports. First, check to make sure the issue you're experiencing isn't already reported. If it is, you can subscribe to the existing ticket for updates on the issue's progress. If your issue or request isn't already reported, click the "New Issue" button to create it. Make sure to follow the template provided, as it asks important details that are very important to our team.


Contributions are more than welcome! You can help us improve OpenBroadcaster by either contributing to the core OBServer or OBPlayer, creating a new module or extending language translations and self help guides.

Any help is welcome, big or small. We are all learning together.

See our Contributing Guide to learn how to get involved.

Please check out the various GIT projects and components on OpenBroadcaster

Releases and Versioning

See our Releases Guide

Code of Conduct

We abide by our Code of Conduct and feel strongly about open, appreciative, and empathetic people joining us.

Support OpenBroadcaster

OpenBroadcaster will always be available free of charge. OpenBroadcaster is built and maintained by passionate volunteers and broadcasters, so there may be some delays in getting back to you. We make the best effort possible to resolve issues and answer questions. If you find the software useful and would like to support the project, become a Sponsor. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Copyright 2012-2022 OpenBroadcaster Inc.

Licensed under GNU AGPLv3. See COPYING.

Third-party software utilized by OpenBroadcaster is found in the "extras" directory. See files in "extras" directory for third-party software license information.