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Commits on Jan 15, 2019
  1. Stop processing "no data" frames in ieee80211_input() before decryption.

    stspdotname committed Jan 15, 2019
    Previously such frames would be counted as decryption failures which is
    nonsense because they don't carry any data which could be encrypted.
    Problem analyzed by, and fix developed together with, Lauri Tirkkonen.
  2. Rename some data frame subtype macros to make the difference between

    stspdotname committed Jan 15, 2019
    "data" and "no data" frames more obvious. These renamed macros aren't
    actually used anywhere in net80211 yet.
    cross-checked with 802.11 specs by myself and Lauri Tirkkonen
  3. Do not highlight characters which will not be copied, reported by

    nicm committed Jan 15, 2019
    Jaroslaw Rzeszotko.
  4. Swap 'token' and 'id' place in filter protocol.

    snimmagadda committed Jan 15, 2019
    This allows to consistently extract 'id' from both 'report' and
    'filter' lines.
    Ok gilles@ jung@
  5. Fix the inter-library dependency for libedit and libreadline.

    yasuoka committed Jan 15, 2019
    Previously they tried to depend on libtermcap which actually doesn't
    exist in the objdir.
    ok jca
Commits on Jan 14, 2019
  1. Calling llabs(LLONG_MIN) is undefined behavior, llvm 7.0.1 does not

    bluhm committed Jan 14, 2019
    work with our old code.  In fmt_scaled() move the check before
    calling llabs().
    found by regress/lib/libutil/fmt_scaled; OK deraadt@ millert@ tedu@
  2. Add support for building kernels with clang. Clang does not support

    kettenis committed Jan 14, 2019
    -mno-fpu, so use -msoft-float instead.  As long as we do not explicitly
    use floating-point arithmetic in the kernel that probably has the same effect.
    Add -Wno-unused-command-line-argument to prevent warnings that turn into
    errors passing -Wa,-Av9b when we run
    ok deraadt@, visa@
  3. Improve error message when daemon is already running.

    fobser committed Jan 14, 2019
    OK millert, deraadt, job
  4. Prevent multiple ntpds from tripping over each other.

    fobser committed Jan 14, 2019
    This brings over the logic from bgpd & ospfd.
    Input & OK deraadt
  5. Remove obsolete symbols.sort target.

    visa committed Jan 14, 2019
    OK deraadt@
  6. Wrap floating point instructions with .set hardfloat to make clang's

    visa committed Jan 14, 2019
    integrated assembler accept them in the kernel.
    Move fsr access code into dedicated inline functions to improve
  7. Fix typos

    feinerer committed Jan 14, 2019
    ok sthen@
  8. Various tweaks:

    ischwarze committed Jan 14, 2019
    * Avoid misleading talk about "characters", talk about "bytes".
    * Remove the sentence about 8-bit character support - such a thing
    simply does not exist, neither in locate(1) nor in OpenBSD in general.
    * Clarify what "case" means in the present context.
    * Clarify the sentence about the internal database format.
    * Drop irrelevant historical information.
    * Make the sentence about weekly(8) more precise and concise.
    * s/file name/filename/ throughout for consistency.
  9. Untimely spring cleaning:

    ischwarze committed Jan 14, 2019
    * Garbage collect useless hand-rolled lookup tables.
    * Merge one-line helper functions into callers.
    * Garbage collect obfuscating macros.
    * Fix one format string error (%d used for u_int).
    * Garbage collect setlocale(3) and <locale.h>.
    * Garbage collect several unused constants.
    * Minus 45 LOC, no functional change.
    As noticed by tedu@, the lookup table "table" was used uninitialized.
    But since it was only used as a pre-matching optimization and the real
    string comparison is done further down the line, that bug probably did
    not cause wrong results but merely ruined -i performance.
    Code review triggered by a naive question from Jan Stary.
    OK deraadt@ tedu@
  10. Fix three more buglets:

    ischwarze committed Jan 14, 2019
    1. Another off-by-one: if a mail file name ends in an (escaped)
    percent sign, do not forget to check whether the next byte is the
    percent sign introducing the message (MAILPATH='filename\%%msg').
    2. If the message is empty, use the default message rather than
    printing a blank line (MAILPATH='filename%').
    3. If the file name is empty, don't bother with mballoc(): the
    subsequent stat(2) can never succeed.  (MAILPATH='%msg').
    Found while reviewing the previous commit by tedu@.
    OK tedu@.
  11. There are cases where a program doing dns requests wants to set the

    omoerbeek committed Jan 14, 2019
    Checking Disabled flag. Introduce a RES flag to do so. ok krw@
    deraadt@ eric@
  12. Make apply_ignore_list(), set_default_hostname(),

    krw committed Jan 14, 2019
    set_default_client_identifier() and read_resolv_conf_tail() local to
    clparse.c and just call them from read_conf().
  13. Abstract allocation and initialization of config global

    krw committed Jan 14, 2019
    variable into init_config() and just call it from
  14. Fix unveil issue noticed by kn@ where unveil does not notice covering

    beck committed Jan 14, 2019
    unveil matches when .. is used correctly.  Also adds regress based
    upon his test program for the same issue.
  15. regen

    jmatthew committed Jan 14, 2019
  16. set_default_client_identifier() only needs the

    krw committed Jan 14, 2019
    struct ether_addr (a.k.a. ifi->hw_address) rather
    than the entire struct interface_info.
  17. Check NULLness of ignore list inside apply_ignore_list() and not

    krw committed Jan 14, 2019
    before calling it.
  18. hint that kern.clockrate is the userland sysctl name by referring to

    tedu committed Jan 14, 2019
    KERN_CLOCKRATE instead of the returned type.
  19. do not peek before the beginning of a string

    tedu committed Jan 14, 2019
    ok deraadt schwarze tb
Commits on Jan 13, 2019
  1. Skip open of "network" ttys because they permanently retain the (large)

    deraadt committed Jan 13, 2019
    tty buffers after that.
    from miod
  2. Map SHT_LLVM_ADDRSIG to string

    guenther committed Jan 13, 2019
    ok kettenis@ deraadt@
  3. Abstract /etc/resolv.conf.tail reading out of main()

    krw committed Jan 13, 2019
    and into a read_resolv_conf_tail() in clparse.c.
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