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Tree: 4e9c419856
Commits on Dec 16, 2018
  1. Regenerate root CA list using updated Specifically this

    sthen committed Dec 16, 2018
    drops CA certificates whose validity dates don't comply with the rules on
    ASN.1 encoding in RFC 5280 (and predecessors - same rule goes back to at
    least RFC 2459, section
    LibreSSL strictly enforces this, so attempting to validate certificates
    signed by these CAs just result in the following:
    error 13 at 1 depth lookup:format error in certificate's notBefore field
    "probably" beck@
  2. Add a check that libressl is actually able to verify CA certs.

    sthen committed Dec 16, 2018
    Skip outputting them if invalid (e.g. GENERALIZEDTIME date before 2050).
  3. missing annotation after refactor

    espie committed Dec 16, 2018
    dependency on libraries should always trigger an update
    found by landry@
  4. Avoid using a too big bounce buffer by splitting up large reads. Allows

    omoerbeek committed Dec 16, 2018
    for booting using large (64k) blocksize filesystems. ok tedu@
  5. Make the freelist best fit code a tiny bit smarter to not use a block if

    omoerbeek committed Dec 16, 2018
    half or more would be wasted. Causes more effective re-use of blocks.
    ok jsing@
  6. Back out rev 1.17 for now, it causes issues with python when building

    millert committed Dec 16, 2018
    databases/tdb from ports.
  7. document task_pending()

    dlg committed Dec 16, 2018
  8. add task_pending

    dlg committed Dec 16, 2018
    jsg@ wants this for drm, and i've had a version of it in diffs sine
    2016, but obviously havent needed to use it just yet.
    task_pending is modelled on timeout_pending, and tells you if the
    task is on a list waiting to execute.
    ok jsg@
  9. The .HP macro was deprecated by groff, and that makes sense

    ischwarze committed Dec 16, 2018
    because it serves no real purpose and works poorly with HTML.
    While here, describe the section argument of .TH,
    clarify the syntax display of .TP, and polish some wordings.
  10. minor polishing, in parts related to functional improvements in the p…

    ischwarze committed Dec 16, 2018
    and also adding some cross references for important escape sequences
  11. make test output less ugly

    ischwarze committed Dec 16, 2018
Commits on Dec 15, 2018
  1. Yet another round of improvements to manual font selection.

    ischwarze committed Dec 15, 2018
    Unify handling of \f and .ft.
    Support \f4 (bold+italic).
    Support ".ft BI" and ".ft CW" for terminal output.
    Support the .ft request in HTML output.
    Reject the bogus fonts \f(C1, \f(C2, \f(C3, and \f(CP.
  2. Several improvements to escape sequence handling.

    ischwarze committed Dec 15, 2018
    * Add the missing special character \_ (underscore).
    * Partial implementations of \a (leader character)
    and \E (uninterpreted escape character).
    * Parse and ignore \r (reverse line feed).
    * Add a WARNING message about undefined escape sequences.
    * Add an UNSUPP message about unsupported escape sequences.
    * Mark \! and \? (transparent throughput)
    and \O (suppress output) as unsupported.
    * Treat the various variants of zero-width spaces as one-byte escape
    sequences rather than as special characters, to avoid defining bogus
    forms with square brackets.
    * For special characters with one-byte names, do not define bogus
    forms with square brackets, except for \[-], which is valid.
    * In the form with square brackets, undefined special characters do not
    fall back to printing the name verbatim, not even for one-byte names.
    * Starting a special character name with a blank is an error.
    * Undefined escape sequences never abort formatting of the input
    string, not even in HTML output mode.
    * Document the newly handled escapes, and a few that were missing.
    * Regression tests for most of the above.
  3. add a -R option to set/unset resolver flags.

    ericfaurot committed Dec 15, 2018
    use strcasecmp for reading args.
Commits on Dec 14, 2018
  1. Revisit the optimization for unbuffered I/O. We can use the buffer

    millert committed Dec 14, 2018
    passed to fread(3) directly in the FILE * and call __srefill() in
    a loop without the memcpy().  This preserves the expected behavior
    in all cases.  OK semarie@, "This is neat" tedu@
  2. Back out the optimization in rev 1.13, it does not update flags on

    millert committed Dec 14, 2018
    EOF or error.  This caused a regression in the cPickle python extension.
  3. let smtpd fatal on misbehaving proc filters

    poolpOrg committed Dec 14, 2018
    let filters register the reporting events and filter hooks they support but
    only as a stub for now
  4. Delete a note taken during the rev. 1.1 man page splite

    ischwarze committed Dec 14, 2018
    that should have been deleted before commit.
    The cross reference is already present below SEE ALSO.
    Glitch noticed by jsing@.
  5. Delete unused phdr functions; move declarations for functions interna…

    guenther committed Dec 14, 2018
    …l to
    elf.c to that file
    ok mpi@
  6. use new cert helpers for incoming smtp sessions

    ericfaurot committed Dec 14, 2018
    ok gilles@
  7. sync usage(); also, stop enclosing arg names in quotes, since it was

    jmc committed Dec 14, 2018
    applied inconsistently, and applied consistently would make it
    look like spaghetti;
    ok mlarkin
  8. Cleanup, no functional change:

    ischwarze committed Dec 14, 2018
    Now that message handling is properly encapsulated,
    remove struct mparse pointers from four structs (roff, roff_man,
    tbl_node, eqn_node) and from the argument lists of five functions
    (roff_alloc, roff_man_alloc, mandoc_getarg, tbl_alloc, eqn_alloc).
    Except for being passed to the main program as an opaque object,
    it now only occurs in read.c, as it should, and not across 15 files
    like in the past.
  9. Almost mechanical diff to remove the "struct mparse *" argument

    ischwarze committed Dec 14, 2018
    from mandoc_msg(), where it is no longer used.
    While here, rename mandoc_vmsg() to mandoc_msg() and retire the
    old version:  There is really no point in having another function
    merely to save "%s" in a few places.
    Minus 140 lines of code.
  10. Fold mparse_parse_buffer() into mparse_readfd(), making the code

    ischwarze committed Dec 14, 2018
    considerably more readable.  This is possible now that i finally
    deleted mparse_readmem() from mandoc portable - an unused function
    that never existed in OpenBSD.
    This cleanup already made me find a minor bug: after a recursive
    parse, restoring the line number of the parent file was forgotten.
    This is fixed now.
  11. Major cleanup; may imply minor changes in edge cases of error reporting.

    ischwarze committed Dec 14, 2018
    Finally, drop support for the run-time configurable mandocmsg()
    callback.  It was over-engineered from the start, never used for
    anything in a decade, and repeatedly caused maintenance headaches.
    Consolidate reporting infrastructure into two files, mandoc.h and
    mandoc_msg.c, mopping up the bits and pieces that were scattered
    around main.c, read.c, mandoc_parse.h, libmandoc.h, the prototypes
    of four parsing-related functions, and both parser structs.
Commits on Dec 13, 2018
  1. in event reports, use a struct timeval instead of time_t since we wan…

    poolpOrg committed Dec 13, 2018
    …t more
    than second precision
    discussed with eric@
  2. Use a faster, more reliable way to figure out how many TLB entries are

    visa committed Dec 13, 2018
    available on RM7000 processors.
    From miod@
  3. Allow all non-ephemeral buffers to be toggled writable or read-only

    lum committed Dec 13, 2018
    while mg is running: toggle-read-only-all
  4. only allow builtin filters to declare which hook they listen to in th…

    poolpOrg committed Dec 13, 2018
    …e conf
    since proc filters are going to register themselves through the protocol.
    this will allow us to plug proc filters that deal with multiple hooks w/out
    having to declare each and every hook, and without risking to forget one.
    discussed with eric@
  5. Revert last. Breaks landisk snap building for currently unknown

    krw committed Dec 13, 2018
    Noticed by deraadt@
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