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Tree: 7d03a16b03
Commits on Dec 5, 2018
  1. usb_block_allocmem() won't sleep.

    gerhard committed Dec 5, 2018
    ok mpi@
  2. remove a stray line accidentally left behind in rev. 1.120;

    ischwarze committed Dec 5, 2018
    patch from Hiltjo Posthuma <hiltjo at codemadness dot org>
  3. Do not call usbd_delay_ms() from interrupt context.

    mpieuchot committed Dec 5, 2018
    From Nils Frohberg.
  4. free(9) sizes for softcs.

    mpieuchot committed Dec 5, 2018
    ok tedu@
  5. free(9) size for temporary buffer.

    mpieuchot committed Dec 5, 2018
    ok ratchov@
  6. fix incorrect usage of the .Bx macro;

    ischwarze committed Dec 5, 2018
    one case reported by Fabio Scotoni <fabio at esse dot ch>,
    the rest found with regress/usr.bin/mandoc/db/dbm_dump
  7. Include srp.h where struct cpu_info uses srp to avoid erroring out when

    jonathangray committed Dec 5, 2018
    including cpu.h machine/intr.h etc without first including param.h when
    MULTIPROCESSOR is defined.
    ok visa@
  8. Set the routing table when adding a network

    denis committed Dec 5, 2018
    OK claudio@
  9. is a void *, on gcc archs doing a %s printf with such a pointer

    cjeker committed Dec 5, 2018
    results in a warning. Use either the original string value or use a cast.
    This makes both clang and gcc happy.
    OK guenther@
Commits on Dec 4, 2018
  1. Run each test as a single entry in REGRESS_TARGETS to get a better

    bluhm committed Dec 4, 2018
    overview if something went wrong.  This makes debugging easier.
    OK benno@ claudio@
  2. HTML syntax audit: render \p as <br/>, not as <div>.

    ischwarze committed Dec 4, 2018
    It can occur anywhere, in particular in phrasing context.
  3. Check maxrequestbody when we found the right server / location.

    fobser committed Dec 4, 2018
    Very patiently pointed out repeatedly by Tracey Emery ( tracey AT ), thanks!
    OK benno
  4. redo the debug logging to be more like everything else.

    tedu committed Dec 4, 2018
    ok kn
  5. The common autolayout with all partitions needs not at least 10GB to be

    cjeker committed Dec 4, 2018
    selected. Adjust documentation.
    OK krw@
  6. Since a while announcements added by bgpctl will overwrite the ones from

    cjeker committed Dec 4, 2018
    the config and no longer live next to each other. Because of this step 13
    in the decision process is no longer needed.
    OK benno@
  7. Mention D-Link DWA-131 rev E1.

    kevlo committed Dec 4, 2018
  8. Use m_align() and while there reorder the pkthdr initalisation a bit.

    cjeker committed Dec 4, 2018
    This also makes the IPv4 and IPv6 code more similar.
    OK phessler@
  9. merge unbound 1.8.2

    sthen committed Dec 4, 2018
  10. import unbound 1.8.2

    sthen committed Dec 4, 2018
  11. Unify messaged printed when we can't estiblish an interrupt.

    kettenis committed Dec 4, 2018
    Pointed out by Artturi Alm.
  12. mention RTL8192EU support

    jmatthew committed Dec 4, 2018
  13. Add support for RTL8192EU adapters, partly taken from netbsd.

    jmatthew committed Dec 4, 2018
    These show up with a variety of vendor/product ids, but the driver will
    only match those we've tested so far.
    help and testing from kevlo@
    ok stsp@ kevlo@
  14. Add 'vmctl wait <VM>' a command that waits until the specified VM is

    cjeker committed Dec 4, 2018
    stopped/terminates. Useful in scripts when waiting until a vm has finished
    its work.
    Ok ccardenas@, reyk@
  15. Introduce IMSG_VMDOP_WAIT_VM_REQUEST a control message that registers a

    cjeker committed Dec 4, 2018
    vmctl peerid that should be informed when the VM is stopped (like when the
    guest does a shutdown). Uses the same logic as using the VMOP_WAIT flag on
    Ok ccardenas@, reyk@
  16. Update bgpd result files after the community change. Forgot this bit of

    cjeker committed Dec 4, 2018
    the commit.
    Reminded by bluhm@
  17. Restrict "vertical-align: middle;" to <td> descendants of class="tbl"

    ischwarze committed Dec 4, 2018
    elements, we don't want that for other tables.
  18. Make sure all borders in a table are drawn in the same color.

    ischwarze committed Dec 4, 2018
    Required because browsers tend to have inconsistent defaults:
    For example, Firefox 62.0.2 sets border-color for tbody, but not for table,
    and Pali Rohar reports that Chrome set it for td, but not for tr or tbody.
    The td part is from Pali Rohar, the tbody and tr parts from me.
  19. During validation, drop .br before a text line starting with a

    ischwarze committed Dec 4, 2018
    blank, rather than teaching each formatter individually to ignore
    the .br in such situations.  That's simpler and also results in
    better diagnostics.
    Mark Harris <mark dot hsj at gmail dot com> reported
    that -T html got confused in particular.
  20. Clean up the validation of .Pp, .PP, .sp, and .br. Make sure all

    ischwarze committed Dec 4, 2018
    combinations are handled, and are handled in a systematic manner.
    This resolves some erratic duplicate handling, handles a number of
    missing cases, and improves diagnostics in various respects.
    Move validation of .br and .sp to the roff validation module
    rather than doing that twice in the mdoc and man validation modules.
    Move the node relinking function to the roff library where it belongs.
    In validation functions, only look at the node itself, at previous
    nodes, and at descendants, not at following nodes or ancestors,
    such that only nodes are inspected which are already validated.
Commits on Dec 3, 2018
  1. If a regress uses REGRESS_SKIP_TARGETS to skip part of its tests,

    bluhm committed Dec 3, 2018
    print SKIPPED.  This helps to detect such incomplete tests.
    OK anton@
  2. Perform forward-confirmed reverse DNS verification on incoming connec…

    ericfaurot committed Dec 3, 2018
    Only flag the session for now.
    input from and ok gilles@ sunil@
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