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Tree: 9f55cdeb1a
Commits on Dec 29, 2018
  1. Remove the hand-rolled maximum segment size handling in sximmc(4)

    bluerise committed Dec 29, 2018
    since we now have the possibility to specify it in the attach args.
    ok kettenis@
  2. The i.MX SD/MMC host controller does not support zero-length DMA

    bluerise committed Dec 29, 2018
    descriptors, which are used to encode 64k transfers since it's a
    16-bit value in the descriptor, which means that we only support
    a maximum segment size of 64k minus one.  This fixes I/O errors
    on i.MX machines.
    ok kettenis@
  3. Allow passing the maximum size of a segment that a SD/MMC host

    bluerise committed Dec 29, 2018
    controller can handle for DMA tranfers, since not all support 64k.
    ok kettenis@
  4. The %b printf extension in the kernel is not fixed to a int type. On …

    cjeker committed Dec 29, 2018
    there are various %llb formats. Adjust the code to handle the length specifiers
    and type check like it is used by the regular case.
    OK guenther@
Commits on Dec 28, 2018
  1. move kroute_find() call later

    denis committed Dec 28, 2018
    No need to scan the list if we return early.
    OK claudio@
  2. Fix dino at uturn attachment. From miod@

    kettenis committed Dec 28, 2018
  3. Add config option fib-priority to set a custom prio for routes ospfd

    remi committed Dec 28, 2018
    inserts into the kernel routing table.
    OK claudio@
  4. Join other daemons in assuming that a single read from a routing

    krw committed Dec 28, 2018
    socket may contain more than one RTM_* message.
    Adopt the claudian variant (pointer arithmetic/comparison) of doing
    The isolation of dhclient in assuming each routing socket read will
    return only one message pointed out by Gregor Best.
  5. introduce table_dump() and tweak format

    ericfaurot committed Dec 28, 2018
    ok gilles@
  6. Fix mbuf releated crashes in switch(4). They have been found by

    bluhm committed Dec 28, 2018
    syzkaller as pool corruption panic.  It is unclear which bug caused
    what, but it should be better now.
    - Check M_PKTHDR with assertion before accessing m_pkthdr.
    - Do not access oh_length without m_pullup().
    - After checking if there is space at the end of the mbuf, don't
      overwrite the data at the beginning.  Append the new content.
    - Do not set m_len and m_pkthdr.len when it is unclear whether
      the ofp_error header fits at all.  Use m_makespace() to adjust
      the mbuf.
    test akoshibe@; OK claudio@
  7. set to 0 by default

    denis committed Dec 28, 2018
    OK claudio@
  8. simplify code

    ericfaurot committed Dec 28, 2018
    ok gilles@
  9. report right function name in error message

    denis committed Dec 28, 2018
  10. zap unused code

    ericfaurot committed Dec 28, 2018
  11. print well-known SAFI name instead of value

    denis committed Dec 28, 2018
    OK claudio@ sthen@
  12. remove the tag workaround for table_create() and table_find(),

    ericfaurot committed Dec 28, 2018
    now that static tables handle their updates internally.
    ok gilles@
  13. getgruid_r -> getgrgid_r

    botovq committed Dec 28, 2018
    from Lauri Tirkkonen
  14. rename smtp_session's hostname field to rdns, to make it clear what it

    poolpOrg committed Dec 28, 2018
    stores and differentiate it further from smtpname and listener->hostname
    ok eric@
  15. move the smtp_mailaddr() calls _before_ filters indirection as filter…

    poolpOrg committed Dec 28, 2018
    …s MUST
    only receive valid MAIL FROM and RCPT TO parameters.
Commits on Dec 27, 2018
  1. add some notes about using col and ul to process the ascii markup

    tedu committed Dec 27, 2018
    since these may not be commonly known utilities.
    with schwarze
  2. Request RSA-SHA2 signatures for rsa-sha2-{256|512}

    djmdjm committed Dec 27, 2018
    cert algorithms; ok markus@
  3. Check if a control socket or address is already in use befor using it.

    remi committed Dec 27, 2018
    If it is used abort startup or let a reload fail.
    Sockets are now not unlinked anymore on regular shutdown.
    This helps a lot when one tries to do a config check without -n.
    Inputs and OK claudio@
  4. When netbooting a vm using the `-B net' option, set the hostname DHCP

    anton committed Dec 27, 2018
    option in the lease to the name of the vm. Makes it easier to use
    dedicated autoinstall response files for different vms.
    ok ccardenas@
  5. Cope with latest change to KIOENABLE. While here, make it possible to…

    anton committed Dec 27, 2018
    … test
    different trace modes.
  6. Make KIOENABLE accept a mode argument, currently limited to KCOV_MODE…

    anton committed Dec 27, 2018
    Thanks to jmc@ for improving the manual bits.
    ok deraadt@ mpi@
  7. remove unused file

    ericfaurot committed Dec 27, 2018
  8. fifo isn't really the right data structure for varying expirations.

    tedu committed Dec 27, 2018
    convert to a simple rbtree ordered by expiration time.
    ok anton
  9. must remember to unref device if setting the task isn't done.

    tedu committed Dec 27, 2018
    ok anton
  10. too many words in previous;

    jmc committed Dec 27, 2018
  11. convert to unsigned variables to avoid some overflows.

    tedu committed Dec 27, 2018
    analysis and patch from David Fifield
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