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Commits on Jan 7, 2019
  1. Extents code has its own set of flags and does not use malloc's.

    bluhm committed Jan 7, 2019
    The code in pci_init_extents() accidently passed M_NOWAIT which is
    EX_FAST and does no harm.  Replace it with EX_NOWAIT.
    from Christian Ludwig; OK kettenis@
  2. Enabling both kcov and retguard is now possible due to the recent bum…

    anton committed Jan 7, 2019
    …p of
    NKL2_KIMG_ENTRIES on amd64, allowing larger kernels.
    ok mpi@; "that's great!" deraadt@
  3. Don't print "allocated section '.foobar' not in segment" warning for

    kettenis committed Jan 7, 2019
    zero-sized sections.
    ok deraadt@, guenther@
  4. Use the `iface' argument from the *attach() function instead of calling

    mpieuchot committed Jan 7, 2019
    ok visa@
  5. Make the output fit in 80 chars when a serial number is printed.

    mpieuchot committed Jan 7, 2019
    ok sthen@, millert@, denis@, kn@
  6. add inteldrm for fw_update

    sthen committed Jan 7, 2019
  7. Validate the version, and all length fields of IP packets passed to a…

    cjeker committed Jan 7, 2019
    … raw socket
    with INP_HDRINCL. There is no reason to allow badly constructed packets through
    our network stack. Especially since they may trigger diagnostic checks further
    down the stack. Now EINVAL is returned instead which was already used for some
    checks that happened before.
    OK florian@
  8. It is possible to call m_zero with a read-only cluster. In that case …

    cjeker committed Jan 7, 2019
    return. Hopefully the other reference holder has the M_ZEROIZE flag set as
    well. Triggered by syzkaller. OK deradt@ visa@
  9. Represent mdoc(7) .Pp (and .sp, and some SYNOPSIS and .Rs features)

    ischwarze committed Jan 7, 2019
    by the <p> HTML element and use the html_fillmode() mechanism
    for .Bd -unfilled, just like it was done for man(7) earlier, finally
    getting rid both of the horrible <div class="Pp"></div> hack and
    of the worst HTML syntax violations caused by nested displays.
    Care is needed because in some situations, paragraphs have to remain
    open across several subsequent macros, whereas in other situations,
    they must get closed together with a block containing them.
    Some implementation details include:
    * Always close paragraphs before emitting HTML flow content.
    * Let html_close_paragraph() also close <pre> for extra safety.
    * Drop the old, now unused function print_paragraph().
    * Minor adjustments in the top-level man(7) node formatter for symmetry.
    * Bugfix: .Ss heads suspend no-fill mode, even though .Ss doesn't end it.
    * Bugfix: give up on .Op semantic markup for now, see the comment.
  10. tweak ohci_checkrev so it doesnt print a leading comma and space.

    dlg committed Jan 7, 2019
    it assumes that it always followed an interrupt string, but we don't
    print that on fdt. having the bus responsible for the whitespace
    means the fdt glue can print a colon to separate the bus info from
    checkrev output, while every other glue keeps the comma.
    ok deraadt@
Commits on Jan 6, 2019
  1. the pledge handing for access(2) of /var/run/ypbind.lock is artificially

    deraadt committed Jan 6, 2019
    tough (so that non-YP using developers don't break the tree for YP/LDAP
    users).  This check failed to handle the newish RPATH+UNVEIL_INSPECT namei
    discovered by florian, ok beck
  2. Increase L2 PTE reservation for the kernel

    mlarkin committed Jan 6, 2019
    Bump the number of L2 page table entries reserved for the kernel from 16
    to 64, to allow for larger kernels. This diff was in snaps for 21 days
    without any reported fallout.
    ok deraadt
  3. Fix most of the .Li abuse:

    ischwarze committed Jan 6, 2019
    * Use .Vt for struct names and other type names like in_port_t.
    * Use .Dv for #define'd constants like CPUSTATES and KERN_SYSVIPC_INFO.
    * Use .Va for sysctl variable names like "machdep".
    Not touching some of the .Li use related to networking; that stuff
    looks suspicious in more than one way and a diff would need review.
  4. fold a bunch of similar sysctl cases into a switch.

    tedu committed Jan 6, 2019
    ok deraadt mestre
  5. the parent process doesn't do much but open files, but just the same

    tedu committed Jan 6, 2019
    there's no reason it can't use pledge to enforce that.
    ok brynet deraadt
  6. Clear ps_uvpcwd when we free ps_uvpaths. Fixes a crash seen by kn@ an…

    kettenis committed Jan 6, 2019
    …d me
    where ps_uvpcwd obviously contains a dangling pointer.
    ok deraadt@, krw@
  7. mention that tun is a point-to-point interface so that we know what

    tedu committed Jan 6, 2019
    word to search for in ifconfig(4).
    from claudio
  8. set tracefile to null when clearing points.

    tedu committed Jan 6, 2019
    ok kn
  9. note that tracefile must be null when clearing points.

    tedu committed Jan 6, 2019
    ok kn
  10. allow q to exit the program.

    tedu committed Jan 6, 2019
    ok cheloha deraadt schwarze
  11. grammar fix from chohag jtan com;

    jmc committed Jan 6, 2019
  12. Unbreak SR_DEBUG builds

    kn committed Jan 6, 2019
    In arch/amd64/amd64/machdep.c r1.239 (21.02.2018) guenther added DPRINTF,
    redefining the one from dev/softraidvar.h.  softraid(4) has been using
    DNPRINTF exclusively since import in 2007, so simply remove the DPRINTF
    macro definition from there.
    OK krw
  13. Fix unsafe use of ptsignal() in mi_switch().

    visa committed Jan 6, 2019
    ptsignal() has to be called with the kernel lock held. As ensuring the
    locking in mi_switch() is not easy, and deferring the signaling using
    the task API is not possible because of lock order issues in
    mi_switch(), move the CPU time checking into a periodic timer where
    the kernel can be locked without issues.
    With this change, each process has a dedicated resource check timer.
    The timer gets activated only when a CPU time limit is set. Because the
    checking is not done as frequently as before, some precision is lost.
    Use of timers adapted from FreeBSD.
    OK tedu@
  14. Rewrite ip_pcbopts() to fill a fresh mbuf with the ip options instead

    cjeker committed Jan 6, 2019
    of fiddling with the user supplied mbuf and then copy it at the end.
    OK visa@
  15. Finally, represent the man(7) .PP and .HP macros by the natural

    ischwarze committed Jan 6, 2019
    choice, which is <p> HTML element.  On top of the previous fill-mode
    improvements, the key to making this possible is to automatically
    close the <p> when required: before headers, subsequent paragraphs,
    lists, indented blocks, synopsis blocks, tbl(7) blocks, and before
    blocks using no-fill mode.
    In man(7) documents, represent the .sp request by a blank line in
    no-fill mode and in the same way as .PP in fill mode.
  16. after much wrangling over what might be an improved example,

    tedu committed Jan 6, 2019
    just delete it.
    ok deraadt schwarze
Commits on Jan 5, 2019
  1. In no-fill mode, avoid bogus blank lines in two situations:

    ischwarze committed Jan 5, 2019
    1. After the last child; the parent will take care of the line break.
    2. At the .YS macro; the end of the preceding .SY already broke the line.
  2. Simplify and clarify (i.e. shrink) code processing

    krw committed Jan 5, 2019
    the bpf captures.
  3. In groff, when the .SY block macro occurs in no-fill mode,

    ischwarze committed Jan 5, 2019
    the output line gets broken after the head.  Do the same.
  4. Slowly start doing more HTML output tests, in this case for the

    ischwarze committed Jan 5, 2019
    interaction of .nf and .RS, related to man_macro.c rev. 1.106.
    HTML regression testing is tricky because it is extremely prone to
    over-testing, i.e. unintentional testing for volatile formatting
    details which are irrelevant for deciding whether the HTML output
    is good or bad.  Minor changes to the formatter - which is still
    heavily under development - might result in the necessity to
    repeatedly adjust many test cases.
    Then again, HTML syntax rules are so complicated that without
    regression testing, the risk is simply too high that later changes
    will re-introduce issues that were already fixed earlier.  Let's
    just try to design the tests very carefully in such a way that
    the *.out_html files contain nothing that is likely to change, and
    defer testing in cases where the HTML output is not yet clean enough
    to allow designing tests in such a way.
  5. KNF nit.

    krw committed Jan 5, 2019
  6. In HTML output, man(7) .RS blocks get formatted as <div class="Bd-ind…

    ischwarze committed Jan 5, 2019
    and i can see no reasonable alternative: they do indeed represent indented
    displays.  They certainly require flow context and make no sense in phrasing
    context.  Consequently, they have to suspend no-fill mode during their head,
    in just the same way as other paragraph-type macros do it.
    This fixes HTML syntax errors that resulted from .nf followed by .RS.
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