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Tree: e394331481
Commits on Aug 14, 2019
  1. read() returns -1 on failure

    asou committed Aug 14, 2019
    ok yasuoka@
  2. There is no longer a reason to use two structs for RIBs where one is …

    cjeker committed Aug 14, 2019
    of the other. Just merge struct rib_desc into struct rib. Makes code simpler.
    OK benno@
  3. Improve the error message when supplying an invalid template to vmctl

    anton committed Aug 14, 2019
    start. Favoring 'invalid template' over 'permission denied' should give
    the user a better hint on what went wrong.
    ok kn@ mlarkin@

    jonathangray committed Aug 14, 2019
    defines to kconfig.h with most of the others
  5. Make sure that ber in ber_scanf_elements is not NULL before parsing f…

    martijn committed Aug 14, 2019
    where ber is utilized. This also allows us to remove the ber->be_next
    check, which can cause weird behaviour, because a NULL be_next would result
    in parsing the last element twice.
    OK claudio@ on previous version
    OK rob@
  6. Fix ber_scanf_elements for traphandler:

    martijn committed Aug 14, 2019
    - pdu header has 3 elements, not 4
    - additional varbinds are optional.
    This is needed to make ber_scanf_elements stricter.
    Note that people using "trap handle" in their snmpd.conf and expect a trap
    without additional varbinds to show the trapoid to appear twice will have
    to adjust their "command".
    OK rob@
  7. enable amdgpu on amd64 requested by a few people

    jonathangray committed Aug 14, 2019
    there are still issues:
    - running piglit will quickly trigger a gpu hang
    - hardware cursor (the default) isn't always correct,
      can be worked around by specifying SWcursor
    - suspend/resume doesn't work
    ok patrick@ kettenis@
Commits on Aug 13, 2019
  1. some cleanup:

    ischwarze committed Aug 13, 2019
    * state the common, general purpose up front
    * more precision regarding which ASN.1 types and fields are involved
    * mark up the ASN.1 type and field names
    * add the missing STANDARDS section
    * and minor wording improvements
  2. Implement backlight control for amdgpu(4). This allows me to set

    bluerise committed Aug 13, 2019
    the backlight of my X395 using wsconsctl(8).  Unfortunately the
    backlight hotkeys don't yet allow adjusting the brightness.
    ok jsg@ kettenis@
  3. config -eu uses a second copy of the nlist array[], which should never

    deraadt committed Aug 13, 2019
    become different or the #define's for the slots could diverge.  To avoid
    this, make one a copy of the other at runtime.
  4. Reorganize the ipmi(4) code a bit in anticipation of adding SSIF supp…

    kettenis committed Aug 13, 2019
    - Put function prototypes in more logical places.
    - Inroduce a ipmi_attach_common() function.
    - Move all the SMBIOS related code to the end of the file and only
      compile it in on amd64 & i386.
    ok jmatthew@ and deraadt@
  5. use proper format to display inet6 addresses in logs as well as to st…

    poolpOrg committed Aug 13, 2019
    …ore in
    disk envelopes. smtpd used the Received and helo response format that isn't
    valid in a relay url and looks wrong in logs.
    spotted and tested ok@ by semarie
  6. azalia: add quirk for speaker routing on ThinkPad X1C7

    jcs committed Aug 13, 2019
    The X1C7 has 4 speakers and the speaker2 set needs to be routed to a
    different DAC.
    Also add the Intel 300 Series HDA to the list of devices on which to
    enable snooping.
  7. Silence warnings about short reads. They happen, we deal with it, it's

    fobser committed Aug 13, 2019
    just noise.
    OK claudio
  8. Show the most common warnings only if verbose is set. Most of these w…

    cjeker committed Aug 13, 2019
    were shown because of an inconsistent rpki database and is no real problem.
    OK florian@
  9. snmpd was using ifq_len for ifOutQLen, apart from being the wrong var…

    sthen committed Aug 13, 2019
    for this MIB in the first place, this has now been removed in ifq changes.
    Since the MIB is marked as deprecated anyway, simply return 0. ok claudio@
  10. Report if_iqdrops (input queue drops) as ifInDiscards. This is pretty

    cjeker committed Aug 13, 2019
    much what this counter is for. For sure better than net.inet.ip.ifq.drops
    which no longer exists.
    Found by and OK martijn@ and OK sthen@
  11. Error-index starts at 1, not 0.

    martijn committed Aug 13, 2019
  12. Instead of passing a struct prefix pointer to rde_filter() pass the 4…

    cjeker committed Aug 13, 2019
    … values
    prefix_peer, prefix_vstate and prefix/prefixlen to the function. This removes
    some ugly hacks in cases where the prefix was not available.
    Also adjust the order of arguments of rde_attr_set() to match rde_filter().
    OK benno@
  13. Do not use the SE global conf struct for the bgpd_config but actually

    cjeker committed Aug 13, 2019
    the bgpd_config pointer passed to these functions. Luckily the affected
    functions were not used outside of the SE. While there also use
    getpeerbyid() to check if an peer id is in use instead of the rather
    dumb linear loop.
    OK benno@
  14. Check for strdup return value and exit on failure.

    fcambus committed Aug 13, 2019
    OK millert@
  15. Move comment about exabgp to the rule since this way it is shown to t…

    cjeker committed Aug 13, 2019
    …he user.
    Reminded by bluhm@
  16. Allow PXE booting using u-boot by relaxing our requirements

    bluerise committed Aug 13, 2019
    of the EFI PXE protocol.  This also brings us in line with
    the GRUB2 implementation.
    Tested by naddy@ to behave the same
    Tested by sven falempin on his Pine64
  17. Reset sysupgrade watchdog upon every set installation

    kn committed Aug 13, 2019
    Instead of having a single timeout for the entire upgrade, start anew right
    before extracting each set's tarball.
    Do so by replacing the background job with a proper co-process that gets
    killed and restarted (reset), analogue to the dmesg listener in interactive
    Prompted by and OK sthen
    OK deraadt
  18. When allocating a new peer set the reconf_action to RECONF_REINIT.

    cjeker committed Aug 13, 2019
    Also in merge_config() it is no longer needed to reset the reconf_action
    of the new peers to RECONF_REINIT. merge_config() is not called on
    startup and so some of the initialisation of new peers did not happen
    This fixes the md5 integration test since the md5 initialisation did not
    happen early enough.
  19. regen

    anton committed Aug 13, 2019
  20. Revert unlock of lseek(2) since vn_lock() could end up calling tsleep()

    anton committed Aug 13, 2019
    which is not allowed without holding the kernel lock. Otherwise, wakeups
    could be lost.
  21. regen

    jonathangray committed Aug 13, 2019
  22. add Union Memory NVMe

    jonathangray committed Aug 13, 2019
  23. Don't match on amdgpu devices flagged as having experimental hardware…

    jonathangray committed Aug 13, 2019
    … support
    (AMD_EXP_HW_SUPPORT) in the amdgpu_pciidlist table.
    Prompted by a report from Charlie Burnett that display doesn't light up
    with a Radeon VII (VEGA20).
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