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- Build a regression test suite for libbsm that generates each token
type and then compares the results with known good data. Make sure to
test that things work properly with respect to endianness of the local
- Document contents of libbsm "public" data structures in libbsm man pages.
- The audit.log.5 man page is incomplete, as it does not describe all
token types.
- It might be desirable to be able to provide EOPNOTSUPP system call stubs
on systems that don't have the necessary audit system calls; that would
allow the full libbsm and tool set to build, just not run.
- Teach praudit how to begin printing at any point in a token stream, not
just at the beginning of a record. This will make it easier to use
praudit in test suites processing single-token files without header and
trailer context.
- Document audit_warn event arguments.
- Allow the path /etc/security to be configured at configure-time so that
alternative locations can be used.
- NLS support for au_strerror(3), which provides error strings for BSM errors
not available on the local OS platform.
- Support for client certificates in auditdistd, to include certificate chain
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