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       Open Certification Authority - Open Source Project
      (c) 1999-2010 by Massimiliano Pala and OpenCA Group
                      All Rights Reserved

 OpenCA software is based on software and ideas by Massimiliano Pala
 and Giovanni Faglioni.

 This software consists of voluntary contributions made by many
 individuals on behalf of the OpenCA Group and was originally based
 on public domain software.

 If you want to contact us please use the e-mail addresses listed
 below. Do not esitate in reporting bugs, enhancement or anything
 seems useful in developing this software:

                   madwolf -at- openca -dot- org

 Also please if you want to actively contribute to OpenCA, subscribe
 one or more among our mailing lists ( refer to the support section
 of the web pages for more details on how to subscribe ).

 Thank you for using this software, and remember that Open Projects
 are the future for mankind. Do not sleep, partecipate to world wide
 efforts to make life easier for all!

 For more information on the OpenCA Group and the OpenCA Project
 please refer to <>.