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Opencaching GPX extension schema
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Opencaching GPX Extension


This repository contains the XML Schema of the Opencaching GPX Extension. This extension allows to add Opencaching-specific information to GPX files. It resides in the XML namespace (as discussed here).

Versioning Strategy

  • We use Semantic Versioning in our schema releases. This means that, as long as the version stays at 1.x.x, we have not introduced any breaking changes.

  • We are also NOT planning to ever change the XML namespace itself. Hopefully, it will forever stay the same:
  • We are however planning to update the schema periodically, by introducing new elements, in a way we consider backward-compatible. In particular, this means that we will keep modifying the existing schema, without changing its XML namespace.

    Note, that this stands in contrast with the strategy adopted by many other Geocaching schema providers. We believe that our way is better. You can read more about this (and discuss it with us) here.


The Opencaching GPX Extension is implemented at all up-to-date Opencaching sites: Opencaching.DE, Opencaching.PL, Opencaching.NL, Opencache.UK and Opencaching.RO. At all these sites it is avaiable in native GPX download as well as though the OKAPI interface.

Other popular GPX Extensions

Read about them in a separate article here.

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