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People and their duties

This is the list of all OCPL committers and their current duties.

Feel free to assign and reassign your duties by yourself (we have no bosses here), and keep your duties up-to-date. Also, please be responsible - don't introduce new functionalities if you don't plan on supporting them.

Repository admins (last updated: 2015)

Users with permissions to add new users and change their permissions:

Server admins

Users with administrative rights (root) on an OC node


  • TODO



Committers and their duties

wrygiel (last updated: 2015)

My duties:

  • Component owner: OKAPI.
  • Set up and maintain repository automation scripts.
  • In case of emergency, find bottlenecks to optimize.
  • Share some basic Linux knowledge.

In general, I do not take part in the development of the rest of the OCPL code. I am primarilly responsible for OKAPI and some build automation scripts.