VOSpace command line and FUSE clients
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Latest commit 279ccdd Jun 15, 2017 @ijiraq ijiraq committed with andamian 2060 acceptance review (#81)
* Allow copy to follow the content-disposition setting from vospace instead of specified destination.

When a user sets destination=None or disposition = True then write the content to location specified in content-disposition.  Also return the string from content-disposition to the caller so the string can be used in various download mapping schemes.

This update also addresses a number of PEP-8 issues and maps some of the string types to try and be more straightforward (ie, understandable by PyCharm).

* Minor PEP8 cleanup.  Also moved the import of _thread to the main code, our of the readdir method.

The astropy template uses a 'clever' import of the module package to extract the documentation string for PyPI.
Instead we now read the 'README.rst' file as the long description, which is a bit more reasonable anyhow.

* Modified to not use the astropy PACKAGENAME document hack and also to avoid re-mapping the word builtins in setup.

* Switch to use six.moves instead of future for builtins.

* Added version without glob so finds all the version files