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Welcome to the Crankshaft wiki, the primary location for Crankshaft documentation.

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Please note:

  1. As of December 2018, Crankshaft (NG version) is alpha level software and as such is sometimes evolving faster than this wiki is updated
  2. The wiki is limited to Github's wiki software which is lacking in some areas such as an auto-generated list of recently updated pages
  3. Currently this wiki is wide open for editing by anyone with a Github account so inconsistencies may be present
  4. If any content seems inaccurate, dated or unhelpful please create an issue
  5. If you are experiencing a problem you cannot resolve through reading this wiki, the Crankshaft Sub Reddit is a good resource though activity levels there ebb and flow naturally so patience is often rewarded

To see a list of all wiki content, look to your right (or scroll up on mobiles) for the Pages widget which is collapsed by default so click or tap it to expand it. You can then browse the list directly or filter the list by keyword in the Find a page... box.

For convenience, commonly used links are provided in the footer of every wiki page.

Hopefully you find this wiki helpful and experience the very best of luck with your Crankshaft project.

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