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Online Updates

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With the release of the Alpha1 build, Crankshaft now automatically checks for updates, hourly, providing internet access is available.

Updating via GUI

In addition the the automatic hourly checks, a manual update check can be triggered via the Check Now button within the Settings app on the CS Base tab.

Whether the result of an automatic hourly check or a manual check, if updates are available, a notification button will appear at the top left corner of the Crankshaft home screen.

To begin updating, tap the update button and a dialog will appear with a table listing components of Crankshaft that support online updating *, which currently includes:

  • OpenAuto
  • the Crankshaft Management Tool (CSMT)
  • udev rules
  • system ^

Each component with a new version available has a red button you can tap to update that component.

* Please note: individual component update buttons will only be active if a new system version is not yet available as a new system version will include the other components, thereby superceding the need for individual updates.

Updating via SSH terminal

In addition to the automatic hourly or manual GUI checks, an update check can be triggered via an SSH terminal connection using the Crankshaft Management Tool - csmt - program.

As the automatic and GUI triggered checks are centrally implemented through the csmt, running the csmt program to check for updates will not interfere with the other update methods.

To update via SSH, the following commands are available:

  1. csmt update openauto
  2. csmt update udev
  3. csmt update csmt
  4. csmt update system ^

The csmt will check for updates and instantly initiate the update if a newer version is available.

^ Please note: a storage device (USB stick, USB attached HDD) labelled CSSTORAGE, with enough free capacity to store the system update file, must be attached to your Crankshaft system to update the system component.

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