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OpenCAS Site Deployer

Generate the website with Hexo and npm.

Deploy & Update

  • Add a webhook in Settings/Webhooks/Add webhook

  • Fill your Payload URL withYourServerAddress:/webhook(you can change subpath in autoDeploy.js)

  • Select application/json in content type field

  • Rename the autoDeploy.js.example to autoDeploy.js

  • Fill secret_key in secret field(you can change secret in autoDeploy.js)

  • Clone your repository on the serve you want to deploy

      git clone && cd siteDeployer
      npm install
      npm start
  • Set your server(e.g. nginx) path to site\public

  • Clone your repository on your local device, edit contents of the site, each time you commit your changes, your site will update and generate on your server automatically.

  • If you change the content of autoDeploy.js, you need run npm restart on server