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@mlespiau mlespiau released this May 3, 2017 · 24 commits to master since this release

Change Log 0.9.4 'Countach'

Main Features added

The main enhancements and updates in this release include deployment of an ACL system to restrict user access based upon role. We've also added in zipcode lookup via google when adding in new candidate or contact details, and we've replaced TinyMCE with CKEditor throughout. The full changelog for this release is included further down.


Upgrading from previous versions is supported in the following scenarios;
in all circumstances take full system backups before any upgrade
upgrade from 0.9.1a or later by the following steps.

  • Check that you meet the new minimum requirements. Note that opencats 0.9.4 will not install unless you meet the minimum PHP requirement.
  • take a full backup of the opencats SQL databases using mysqldump / built-in backup tool.
  • take a full backup of your existing opencats directory using tar / built-in backup tool.
  • install the new version of opencats in your existing opencats directory and follow the standard installation guidelines in the opencats documentation
  • remember to choose 'upgrade the existing installation' during the installation wizard!

Minimum system requirements

PHP (Min/Max)

Please note the PHP minimum version has moved significantly, and you MUST have the minimum supported version 5.6 or OpenCATS will not install. The maximum tested version is 5.6.27

MySQL (MariaDB etc) (Min/Max)

MariaDB tested version is 10.1.21


Full Change Log 0.9.4

Closed issues:

  • Email to candidate not available in modal in 0.9.4(testing) #248
  • Job order description field not able to take large html text.. #235
  • 500 Error after submission Company or job order in Win/IIS #234
  • new version #223
  • OpenCATS upload CV file size error #222
  • OpenCATS installation error windows #221
  • Hosted installation time zone #219
  • MySQL Query Failed #217
  • Windows career portal not showing 0.9.3-3 #216
  • Integration with a jobboard ?? #214
  • Missing composer.json file #188
  • Including Candidates name while sending emails from ATS #133
  • Users not with Administrative Access should be allowed to view only their contacts #130
  • [Question] Activity log feature #116
  • Missing packages and modules #102
  • Install resume indexing step doesn't use shown paths unless you edit one. #51
  • Canadian Postal Codes #38
  • TODO: add in Wordpress front-end from Ultrasimplified #12
  • I think the GUI backup is broken #253
  • different HTML WYSIWYG editors used #202
  • Security Bug in PHPMailer #195
  • INSTALL_BLOCK needs to come out of the current version #193
  • Access level for email candidates is too low #191
  • Travis Builds are failing #184
  • Docker image for php container in repository #178
  • Travis build / test error #176
  • 500 error while creating a company or job order #160
  • datagrid.php has strict errors (solved) and Deprecated errors on some tabs #155
  • Composer needs to be manually run even on a normal install #154
  • Powered by CATS pic on Careers Page does not appear correctly #139
  • Update License #98
  • To remove duplicated content from doc directory and wiki #97
  • Issue with showing Profile Picture when changing #94
  • Make CSV exports in UTF-8 readable for Excel #41
  • PHP Error while doing full site backup on 0.9.2 #36
  • When changing picture candidate, it doesn't show current picture #4

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