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Welcome to HPG Pore !

HPG Pore is a toolkit to explore and analyze nanopore sequencing data that can run both on a single computer and on the Hadoop distributed computing framework.

HPG Pore allows efficient management of huge amounts of data, thus constituting a practical solution for the near future as well as a promising model for the development of new tools to deal with genomic big data.


You can contact any of the following developers:

* Joaquín Tárraga (
* Susi Gallego (
* Ignacio Medina (


To build the HPG Pore application you need to install in your system:

* Java
* Maven
* gcc
* zlib
* Hadoop (if you want HPG Pore to run on a Hadoop cluster)


HPG Pore has been opened to the community and released in GitHub, so you can download by invoking the following commands:

$ git clone

Finally, use the script to build the HPG Pore application:

$ cd hpg-pore
$ ./


For command line options invoke:

$ ./ -h

A tutorial and further documentation are available at