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variant storage

Updated Jul 12, 2019

Development of MongoDB and HBase variant storage. This project will manage new features and performance improvements.


Updated Jun 18, 2019

Keep track of Development of Opencga Dockerization, Jenkins Pipeline and Kubernetes orchestration


Updated Jul 12, 2019

Development of Catalog. new main features include:

  • Audit improvements
  • MongoDB 4.x support: removes $isolated and add ACID transactions
  • Implement External Notifications
  • Add Internal Tasks
  • Add Error Codes and improve query responses


Updated May 24, 2019

Development of REST web services, client libraries, CLI and notebooks.


Updated May 13, 2019

Track the development of all the features related with Clinical: data models, interpretation analysis, REST API, pathogenic variant database, ...


Updated May 21, 2019

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