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ReactJS search box component
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DevOps By Build Status

ReactJS search box component

Front-end search widget of charles-rest. To use this, add the following script to your page, right before closing the body tag.

Make sure you instruct @charlesmike to index your github site first.


Where your/github-repo is the fullname of the indexed repository.

The script will render the whole widget in a div with id charles-search. If the div is not present on the page, it will create and place it right after the script tag - you will probably have to write a little CSS to position the widget (the charles-search div) on the page.

Here is an example of how the widget works:


Found any bug/issue or simply thought of an improvement? Please, open a ticket right here, in the repo's issue tracker.


  • Size of the page customizable with the "size" parameter -- defaults to 3
  • Placeholder of the input field customizable with the "placeholder" parameter -- defaults to "Search as you type..."


After you take down the project, simply go in its root folder and run the following commands

$ npm install
$ ./node_modules/.bin/webpack

Even without building, you can open index.html to see how it works (there is a build saved in the repo, not necessarily the latest).


Contributors are welcome

  1. Open an issue regarding an improvement you thought of, or a bug you noticed, or asked to be assigned to an existing one.
  2. If the issue is confirmed, fork the repository, do the changes on a separate branch and make a Pull Request.
  3. After review and acceptance, the PR is merged and closed.
  4. You are automatically listed as a contributor on the repo and the project's site (to follow)
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