Document repository and index source for chadocs.
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Document repository and index source for chadocs.

New documents submitted to this repository will be automatically fed into chadoc's document index about every 15 minutes.


Please do your best in regards to adding metadata to the document. Please have a Title metadata item, for instance.

The following fields are accepted for now:

Field Description Example
author Author of document. Some Person
title Title of document. Some Document
date Document date. 2014-01-01T00:00:00
keywords Keywords relevant to document content. some,document,keyword

Adding Documents

Add Metadata

Before you start a pull request or attach a document to be submitted via an issue, please add the relevant metadata.

Start A Pull Request Or Issue

Start a pull request or issue. If you want to send a pull request, make sure your document is in the document subdirectory in the repo. For purposes pertaining to metadata PDFs, doc, and odt formats are accepted. Although plain text is indexible, the plain text file won't have metadata associated with it.