This project is used for the design of the outdoor recreation map created with love for Chattanooga by Open Chattanooga.
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The best outdoor city deserves the best outdoor recreation map. This project is part of a broader effort to build an open outdoor recreation map that any one can use on their website or mobile application. To learn more about this effort visit our project page or just jump right in and start contributing in this github repo.

Chattanooga has some of the best design talent around. This project is opening up the design of the open outdoor recreation map to the community. See below on how to contribute to the style!

Click on the image below to review current state of the draft design for the basemap.

ChaMap Master

This project is created with love for Chattanooga by Open Chattanooga.

How to Contributre

In order to contribute to this project will need to have both a GitHub and Mapbox account.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Mapbox Studio Project

  1. Sign into Mapbox Studio.
  2. Create a new blank style and name it ChaMap Master.
  3. Download the chamap master.json file from this repo to your computer.
  4. Replace the chamap master style by: a) clicking on the options icon to the right of the style name, b) selecting the "replace" option and c) navigating to where you downloaded the json file and clicking on replace.

Step 2: Improve the Basemap

The basemap for the open outdoor recreation map is designed using Mapbox studio. If you are new to this design tool Mapbox has extensive documentation to get you up designing in no time.

Step 3: Suggest a Design Change to the Basemap

  1. Download your json design file from Mapbox and rename it chamap master.json.
  2. Sign into Github and fork this project.
  3. Replace the contents of the chamap master.json file with the contents of the file you downloaded from Mapbox.
  4. Send a merge request and provide details about the design improvements you made to the basemap.