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How do I enable Debug mode?

Please enable DEBUG logging (logging file: /opt/trustagent/configuration/logback.xml) and provide logfile:

  1. Remove or comment any logger starting with i.e.: <logger name="" level="INFO"/>
  2. Change root level logger to DEBUG i.e.: <root level="${TRUSTAGENT_LOG_LEVEL:-DEBUG}">
  3. tagent restart
  4. tagent setup
  5. Attach logfile for analysis: /opt/trustagent/logs/trustagent.log

How do I submit an issue or question?

Through github issue section:

What’s the process to submit an issue or question?

Enable Debug mode , OS Version, Open CIT Version, tboot vesion, tpm version, trustagent.log (trust agent side), catalina.out (server side). Provide as much as possible when submitting an issue so we can avoid question cycles and try to get a faster answer.

Can I contribute to the Open CIT code?

Definitely, we will review all incoming requests from the community to see how the contributions can align with our roadmap or deliverables. Please reach out through our mailing list or through the issues section on Github.

Is Cent OS supported?

No, the support is not in our roadmap but community support would be greatly appreciated to enable this OS.

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