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Cleveland City Council's legislative records are available as PDFs from 1996-present.

As PDFs, there's many things that you cannot to do with them: search in multiple files at one time; easily extract data from them for further analysis; browse legislation by a particular topic; and more.

In short, PDFs make it very difficult for programmers, journalists, researchers, and residents to use the data inside them.

Our goal is to remove those barriers.

What's here:

The year folders (e.g. 2017) consist of plain text files extracted from PDFs of The City Record, Cleveland City Council's legislative notes.

The files are not recommended for reading. Small errors (misspellings and improper spacing, especially for lists) were created during the text extraction. Tables and graphics in the City Record are also missing from these plain text files.

Check the original PDFs or download them by year in bulk to verify if any information is missing.

Learn more about our goals, project roadmap, and how you can help at:

Additional documentation and plans is scattered at: - boilerplate text that is used in the city record and what it means.


Scraper and parser of Cleveland City Council's records and the produced text.







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