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Data Package of ratification status of the Paris Climate Agreement and the emissions shares used for entry into force
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Combined dataset of signature, ratification, acceptance or approval status of the Paris Climate Agreement, and the emissions and shares for entry into force for the purposes of Article 21 of the agreement.

Daily Update


Signature, and ratification, acceptance or approval status is taken from the United Nations Treaty Collection by parsing the full record page.

"[T]he most up-to-date total and per cent of greenhouse gas emissions communicated by Parties to the Convention in their national communications, greenhouse gas inventory reports, biennial reports or biennial update reports, as of 12 December 2015", are extracted from the PDF file on the UNFCCC Paris Agreement - Status of Ratification page.


There are daily checks for updates, to update manually see below.

The Makefile requires Python3 and will automatically install its dependencies into a Virtualenv when run with


This will also fetch the latest data and print a diff of any changed data.

To get the PDF with emissions data (already included in the Data Package):

make emissions-table

The table needs to be manually extracted into a file archive/tabula-table.csv using Tabula.


Due to rounding the sums of emissions and percentage shares differ from the ones reported in the summary in the PDF table with reported emissions for the purpose of Article 21 of the agreement.

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