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Releasing a pyhector version to PyPI


Make sure the changelog is updated with the latest note-worthy changes.

Tag a Release

pyhector uses a “v...” format, for example:

git tag v2.1.0.5

This is the 6th (starting from zero) version of Pyhector for version 2.1.0 of Hector. Both bug fixes or API changes (which should be rare) are denoted by increasing the last digit.

Publishing on PyPI

Releases are automatically published on PyPI when a version tag is pushed to GitHub.

Testing on TestPyPI

If necessary, the packaging process can be tested on PyPI’s testing instance.


make publish-on-testpypi

and then

make test-testpypi-install

to publish and test the pyhector installation process.

Once done the releases can be removed from the testing instance on


Make sure the Jupyter Notebook is up-to date with the latest version. The notebook can be re-compiled at

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