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# Guide to the code
libs/System.php file contain the main class, it's abstraction over Slim framework.
The class forward every non existed method to instance of Slim class. System use
instance of Database class (from libs/Database.php), in $db property, that forward
everything to mysqli connection, it throw DatabaseException. System class use also
ArrayObjectFacade as $config property, that change array to read only object.
config is passed to constructor (It can be array or function that create an array
check System initialization in index.php file) System constructor need those
values db_host, db_user, db_pass, db_name and pass it to Database object.
index.php file contain Slim routes (forwarded from System object), pages that display
html use Template class (libs/Template.php) that have one method - render, which
render a template using Mustache Engine. Constructor of the Template class accept 2
arguments name of the template (taken from template directory) and an array or the
function that return an array. The array need to be associative, keys of that array
will be inserted into Mustache template.