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Refactor crosscheck (#92)

Refactor CrossCheck

* Code style: Added brackets, initialize variables in separate lines, renamed variables and parameters
* Removed unused functions
* The variable names *may* be confusing. I tried to find suitable names, such as "active/passive", "offender/defender", "hammer/anvil", but I stuck with "ball/goal", because it fits both the collision and the collection purpose of the check really well. 
* Moved conditions to the front, found some inconsistencies.
* Moved layer check further above.
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gitMarky committed Apr 2, 2019
1 parent c5e8999 commit 96577e09afbaf2a06f1d9a4dbe7df1bc88975992
Showing with 360 additions and 259 deletions.
  1. +339 −235 src/object/C4GameObjects.cpp
  2. +21 −24 src/object/C4GameObjects.h
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