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Fix #1951: Disabled putting water in airplane and lorry

Removing liquid collection from the lorry is a side effect, but it is not bad. The lorry behavior was weird anyway, because you could for example put lava and wood in it, without the wood burning etc.
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gitMarky committed Dec 29, 2017
1 parent 5aea227 commit ee0917d7e8983a653278ddc532e80ad38289bf7c
@@ -269,5 +269,5 @@ protected func RejectEntrance(object into)
if (_inherited(into, ...)) return true;
if (into->GetAlive()) return true;
return !(into->~IsLiquidContainer() || into->~IsContainer());
return !(into->~IsLiquidContainer());
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@

#include Library_PowerConsumer
#include Library_LiquidContainer

// Production queue, a list of items to be produced.
// Contains proplists of format {Product = <objid>, Amount = <int>, Infinite = (optional)<bool>, ProducingPlayer = (optional)<int>}. /Infinite/ == true -> infinite production.
@@ -920,6 +921,9 @@ public func RejectCollect(id item_id, object item)
// Is the object a container? If so, try to empty it. Don't empty extra slots.
if ((item->~IsContainer() && !item->~HasExtraSlot()) || item->~IsLiquidContainer() || item->~IsBucket())
// this is not optimal, because it grabs everything, even things that should not go into the producer normally:
// the function GrabContents issues no callbacks - however, please don't change the behavior of GrabContents,
// the missing callbacks are a very good thing for certain purposes
// Can we collect the object itself?

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