A very basic ToDo List Application for all the Android Enthusiasts !
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A very basic ToDo List Application for all the Android Enthusiasts !

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Basic Git and Github. (Feel free to contact any mentor if you have any issue regarding Git and Github.)

Installation and Contributing

  1. Fork the project
  2. In gitbash or terminal, use the following commands - 2.1 git clone {url of the forked repo (the one in your account)} 2.2 git remote add original {url of original repo.} (You can use this remote to sync your repo with the original project) Syncing a fork
  3. After you have solved the issue in your local system, you need to commit the changes, push them to your repository, and send a pull request. Making changes and commits [Pull Request] (https://help.github.com/articles/about-pull-requests/)

Claim an issue

To claim an issue please comment on the issue as @opencodebot claim and the bot will assign you the issue.


Please help us follow the best practice to make it easy for the reviewer as well as the contributor. We want to focus on the code quality more than on managing pull request ethics.

  1. People before code: If any of the following rules are violated, the pull-requests must not be rejected. This is to create an easy and joyful onboarding process for new programmers and first-time contributors.

  2. Single commit per pull request and name the commit as something meaningful, example: Adding <-your-name-> in students/mentors section.

  3. Reference the issue numbers in the commit message if it resolves an open issue. Follow the pattern Fixes #

4 .Provide the link to live gh-pages from your forked repository or relevant screenshot for easier review.

5 .Pull Request older than 3 days with no response from the contributor shall be marked closed.

6 .Do not make PR which is not related to any issues. You can create an issue and solve it once we approve them.

7 .Avoid duplicate PRs, if need be comment on the older PR with the PR number of the follow-up (new PR) and close the obsolete PR yourself.

8 .Be polite: Be polite to other community members.

Communicate: Whether you are working on a new feature or facing a doubt please feel free to ask us on our slack channel. We will be happy to help you out.