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Le site officiel des évènements OpenCode
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This is the source code that runs on

Run the application

$ bundle install
$ cp .env.default .env
$ foreman start
08:06:56 web.1  | I, [2013-02-25T08:06:56.476145 #59550]  INFO -- : Refreshing Gem list
08:06:57 web.1  | I, [2013-02-25T08:06:57.489849 #59550]  INFO -- : listening on addr= fd=11
08:06:58 web.1  | I, [2013-02-25T08:06:58.507881 #59550]  INFO -- : master process ready
08:06:58 web.1  | I, [2013-02-25T08:06:58.520232 #59718]  INFO -- : worker=0 ready

Submit a talk for the next edition

  1. Fork this repo.

  2. Do it.

    $ bundle exec rake console
    > Talk.create(
        title: 'My Awesome Talk',
        author_name: 'Rémi Prévost',
        author_screenname: 'remi',
    > exit
    > git checkout -b feature/my-awesome-talk
    > git add data/talks.yml
    > git commit -m 'Add my awesome talk for OpenCode XIII'
    > git remote add my_fork
    > git push my_fork HEAD
  3. Then submit a pull request for us to merge your branch.

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