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AtomSpace Examples

This directory contains various examples and demos that illustrate what the AtomSpace is, and what it's capable of doing. You will want to go through the contents here, as written in the order below. By the end, you will have a very clear idea of what the AtomSpace is!

  • atomspace - Demos of all of the basic AtomSpace features and functions. VISIT THIS FIRST!!

  • pattern-matcher - Example code demonstrating the graph query system. It shows how to search for data that fits a pattern, how to search for patterns that fit the data, and how to trigger actions when these are found.

  • gearman - Using gearman for simple distributed processing.

  • python - Python usage examples.

  • haskell - Haskell usage examples.

  • c++ - Example CMakefile and demos for C++ code.

  • c++-guile - Creating guile wrappers for C++ code.

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