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Haskell Examples:

To run these examples you have to previously build and install the AtomSpace.

Set the stack environment with:

export STACK_YAML=<ATOMSPACE_ROOT>/opencog/haskell/stack.yaml

Then you can just compile them with:

stack ghc example.hs

To use GHCi:

export STACK_YAML=<ATOMSPACE_ROOT>/opencog/haskell/stack.yaml
stack ghci --ghc-options -lhaskell-atomspace

If when running an example you get an error: "...cannont open shared object file: No such file or directory ...":

  • Remember to add: "/usr/local/lib/opencog" to your /etc/ file.
  • Check if the file: /usr/local/lib/opencog/ exists.
  • To update loader's cache, run:
       sudo ldconfig /usr/local/lib/opencog/
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