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; Copyright (C) 2016 OpenCog Foundation
; A simple demo for Surface Realization (SuReal)
; For more details about SuReal, please check:
; Prior to running this, the RelEx parse server needs to be set up,
; so that the `nlp-parse` call succeeds. The directory containing the
; chatbot has detailed instructions on how to do this.
; On the other hand, if you are running this from the OpenCog docker container,
; you can skip this step as the RelEx parse server will be started automatically
; along with the container. You may need to set the `relex-server-host` if you
; get a "Connection refused" error. For more information:
; Load the needed modules!
(use-modules (opencog)
(opencog nlp)
(opencog nlp sureal)
(opencog nlp chatbot) ; the chatbot defines nlp-parse
(opencog nlp relex2logic))
; SuReal depends on the contents of the AtomSpace, specifically the existing
; sentences, i.e. the sentences/utterances that were parsed via the `nlp-parse`
; scheme function. Let's start by parsing a few sentences into AtomSpace:
(nlp-parse "Roy runs.")
(nlp-parse "She knows who is the killer.")
(nlp-parse "He drinks quickly.")
; Let's generate a new sentence by running SuReal
; Expected result: "she drinks ."
(sureal (SetLink (EvaluationLink (PredicateNode "drink") (ListLink (ConceptNode "she")))))
; Let's parse a few more sentences into the AtomSpace
(nlp-parse "That lovely pig eats the apple.")
(nlp-parse "The cat he loves can fly.")
(nlp-parse "Jumpy the dog can slowly sign his own name in green paint.")
; And then try to generate a slightly more complex sentence
; Expected result: "that green cat loves the dog ."
(sureal (SetLink (EvaluationLink (PredicateNode "love") (ListLink (ConceptNode "cat") (ConceptNode "dog")))
(InheritanceLink (ConceptNode "cat") (ConceptNode "green"))))
; NOTE: The word "that" was not in the input but was included in the output,
; it's because the only syntactically matching sentence available in the
; AtomSpace is "That lovely pig eats the apple.", with the word "that"
; being the starting word of the sentence. Currently when SuReal finds a
; match, it substitutes the words from that sentence by those syntactically
; matching words from the input, while leaving the leftovers untouched.
; This can be confusing sometimes, future version of SuReal may handle
; this differently.
; Additionally, if there are two (or more) matching sentences, SuReal will return
; the best/good enough one. For example if we also have:
(nlp-parse "Tom reads quickly.")
; And then run:
; Expected result is "he eats ." instead of "he eats quickly ." though both
; of the sentences "Roy runs." and "Tom reads quickly." are matched.
(sureal (SetLink (EvaluationLink (PredicateNode "eat") (ListLink (ConceptNode "he")))))
; We can also specify the tense of the verb we want to generate, for example
; if we have:
(nlp-parse "John sits and Julia spoke.")
(nlp-parse "Batman ate the cakes.")
; and we do:
; Expected result: "she drinks and he ate ."
(sureal (SetLink
(EvaluationLink (PredicateNode "eat") (ListLink (ConceptNode "he")))
(InheritanceLink (PredicateNode "eat") (DefinedLinguisticConceptNode "past"))
(EvaluationLink (PredicateNode "drink") (ListLink (ConceptNode "she")))
(InheritanceLink (PredicateNode "drink") (DefinedLinguisticConceptNode "present"))))