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1) Build with clang
2) Normal build

In some case, we get a raw list of results

cqa-compare-ref-rebuild -s /tmp/log-clang-14-06-16/ -o /tmp/log-clang-14-06-16-results -i clang

use the script
$ bash -v res.unstable scanlog-8-2020-02-24 logs/2020-02-24-8 8

you might need to run
for f in *gz; do gunzip $f; done 

mkdir clang/
mv *clang5.0.log clang
cqa-scanlogs > normal.txt
cd clang
cqa-scanlogs > clang.txt
cqa-compare-results ../normal.txt clang.txt |grep DIFFRES > fail-clang.txt
LIST=$(awk '{print $1}' fail-clang.txt)
for f in $LIST; do cp "$f"_*log results/; done

In case you need to rename the log:
for f in *clang4.0*; do git mv $f $(echo $f|sed -e "s|clang4.0|clang|g"); done

3) Generation the list of packages. It will find the error.

From the log directory, run:
cqa-scanlogs > ../../scanlog-3.1-2012-06-23

This program can be found here:
and Debian packages should be created

4) Import the file into the database
Edit insert.php
Update the path, the version and the date

Run, it should insert in the db

With, all previous scanlog-* are going to be reimported.
This should be done when new categories are created.

5) Update status.php to add the support of the new version
update for the number of packages

6) Check:

Check for new common error message and add then listErrors.php

7) Get the number of packages in the archive with
wget -q -O - | zgrep -c '^Package: '
and update

8) Refresh the list of maintainers
bash -v 9.0.1 2020-02-24

* Add &sort=true in the URL to get a SOUNDEX() sort


The rebuilds of Debian with clang



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