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Getting started


Our codebase is split into multiple repos: website, api, app. We run those 3 node.js applications separately. website and app are the client applications that you can find on (website) and (app).

To run one of the client application locally, you need to run the api alongside.

Setup api

Install postgres (MacOSX)

brew install postgres
pg_ctl -l /usr/local/var/postgres/server.log start

Or download

Install API

We currently use node 5.1.0 and npm 3.3.12. Checkout nvm for versioning node.js binaries.

git clone
cd api
touch .env
npm install
npm install -g nodemon

You should be now able to run the api with npm run dev in autoreload mode or npm start.

Run the api

npm run db:reset
npm run dev

If you have a problem with this step, you might need to grant privileges to your database (see below).

Check if the api is running properly by opening http://localhost:3060/status in your browser.

Some environment variables might be missing from your setup, you need to add them in your .env. If you want to test image uploading, you will need to add your own AWS config.

Postgres privileges

Now, assuming the postgres database superuser is postgres, let's create the databases.

createdb -U postgres opencollective_localhost
createuser -U postgres opencollective
psql -U postgres
> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE opencollective_localhost TO opencollective;

Run the website

You will need to install gulp to compile the assets:

git clone
cd website
npm install
npm run dev

The website is now running. If you run the api alongside, you should be able to go on http://localhost:3000/opencollective to see the donation page.

The default flow is with paypal, if you want to setup the flow with stripe, you will need to connect your account in the app (instructions below)

Run the app

git clone
cd app
npm install
npm run dev

Open http://localhost:3000/login in your browser and enter the following credentials and password.

If you want to try a Stripe donation, login with and password. You will need to click on the blue Authenticate with Stripe button and finish the flow. You will first need to add the stripe api keys in the .env of the api.



npm test

Please refer to the Developer Wiki for more information.