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chore(RFCs): Add RFC to replace downshift by react-select

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# RFC - Replace downshift by react-select

# Affected projects

- Frontend

# Motivations

- Don't reinvent the wheel

A lot of the code in `StyledSelect` is dedicated to re-creating a full select behaviour. For example [we catch the keyboard events]( to navigate between items. This is time consuming to maintain and error prone.

- Improve accessibility

Whatever we do, we'll never be able to reach the level of accessibility of the native select or the one of a library with hundreds of testers and contributors.

Someone actually complained about our select component on Twitter (see [StyledSelect accessibility · Issue #2056 · opencollective/opencollective · GitHub](

- Add rich features to our existing selects

By using a library to handle our selects, we can benefit from other rich features that they may implement. See `Solution` for more details.

# Solution

I've used `react-select` in the past. It's a mature library (it went through major re-designs for v2 and V3) that is actually the more popular select library for react (almost 17.000 stars on Github). It uses the same patterns than `styled-component` for customization, so we'll be able to implement our design system easily.

In addition to everything you could expect from a select, it has the following features:

- Searchable

Useful to easily pick items from long lists (ex: for our countries select)

See [React-Select](

- Asynchronously fetch for options

Could be usefull if we want to implement an autocomplete select to pick a collective. We had this use case for "archive collective", to transfer the remaining funds to another collective.

See [React-Select - Async](

- Creatable

This mode is made for things like tags input. It combines autocomplete / select with the ability to add new items.

See [React-Select - Creatable](

### Impact on bundle size

Once this change is made, we can remove:

- `react-tag-input` - 11.6kB (+ additional CSS included)
- `downshift` - 7.1kb
- All our internal code to deal with keystrokes, options building...etc

`react-select` is 26.1kb (less if we don't use Async fetch) so it could add up to 8kb to our bundle size once we made all the changes.

# Alternatives

- [instructure-react/react-select-box: An accessible select box component for React.](

- Less popular
- Not maintained
- Bad looking default styles

- [furqanZafar/react-selectize](

- Less popular
- Not maintained
- Bad looking default styles

- [davidtheclark/react-aria-menubutton: A fully accessible, easily themeable, React-powered menu button](

- Less popular
- Bad looking default styles

- [Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI-React: The official Semantic-UI-React integration](
- Styled with CSS

# Proof of concept

Can be added to this PR if requested.

# Adoption / Transition strategy

We only use `StyledSelect` in 3 parts of the code so the migration should be easy.
A \$100 bounty to migrate everything would be appropriate.

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