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# Bounty

This repository is part of the Open Collective bounty program. Get paid to contribute to Open Source!

## Intro

The Open Collective engineering team is small and we're always looking for new contributors to our Open Source codebases. Our Bounty program is an opportunity to solve issues that could be negligated otherwise. Contributors who fix these issues will be rewarded financially.

## How it works

Our Bounty model is simple:

- \$100: simple or unknown complexity
- \$300: medium complexity
- \$1,000: high complexity

We want to attract quality contributions. The issue will only be considered complete and approved for payment if the Pull Request is merged by an Open Collective [Core Contributor](

### Workflow for Bounty Hunters

1. Search for issues with attached bounties:

- [Bounties for all repositories](

1. Express interest by commenting on the issue and ask to be assigned

1. Open a Pull Request and ask for feedback and review

1. Incorporate feedback from [Core Contributors](, if applicable

1. PR is reviewed, approved, and merged by a [Core Contributor](

1. Get paid:
- If you can issue an invoice, submit it as expense to [Open Collective Engineering](
- If you can't issue an invoice, ask to be rewarded with an Open Collective Gift Card

_See [more info about getting paid]( through Open Collective_

### Workflow for Core Contributors

1. Tag issues with the "bounty" label and amount (e.g. "\$100")

1. Add a comment with a basic explanation of the Bounty process and link to

> A $100 bounty was attached to this issue. Anyone submitting a Pull Request will be rewarded with $100 when the Pull Request is reviewed, accepted and merged. [More info](
1. Make sure the issue is understandable for newcomers and expectations are clearly set

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