Provides a ASP.NET MVC 3 front-end for a CKAN repository that is intended to be used for providing a fully functioning data catalog for a CKAN group. Also includes a C# wrapper for the CKAN API that can be used as a stand-alone client library for .NET development. against a CKAN repository.
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This project provides an [ASP.NET MVC 3] ( front-end for a [CKAN] ( repository. This project provides a fully functioning web-based data catalog based on a group in a shared CKAN respository.

In addition, this project provides a C# wrapper for the CKAN API Version 2 for developers that want to develop .NET applications against any CKAN repository.


This project was created in partnership with [Open Colorado] ( and Colorado Smart Communities.

This .NET implementation was created for communities that want to leverage the Colorado CKAN repository ( while hosting a local data catalog front-end on their organization's Windows/.NET platform. For organizations that prefer, there is also a [PHP front-end] ( available.

There is no specific implemention in this project related to so this can be used with any CKAN instance.

Live sites

The catalog is fully themable using CSS/HTML and two live sites are available:

Current Version

Version 1.11, released 4/24/2013. For details see the [Release Notes] (


  • Customizable home page
  • Show featured packages (packages tagged with 'featured')
  • Show recently updated packages
  • Show popular tags in a tag cloud
  • Show total number of packages that are available
  • Customizable text content and layout
  • Search for data packages by query or by tag
  • Paginated search results
  • Filter results by tag
  • Optionally show package ratings with search results
  • Display results in list mode or table mode
  • View package details
  • Date posted and date last updated
  • Package description with support for CKAN Markdown formatting
  • Resources with customizable resource actions (ex. View KML in Google Maps)
  • Additional package details
  • Related items (apps & ideas)
  • License details
  • RSS feed for package revisions
  • Themeable
  • Supports custom themes with CSS/HTML (just copy an existing theme and customize from there)
  • Designed to be integrated into an organizations web site with no code changes required
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Provides an auto-generated site map (sitemap.xml) for submitting to search engines
  • Meta tag support on home page and package pages
  • Supports [Google Analytics] ( including event tracking for resource downloads, search terms etc. (optional)
  • Supports [DISQUS] ( commenting on packages. (optional)
  • Supports [AddThis] ( social medial sharing (optional)
  • Includes support for 'print this page' and sending the page by email
  • Supports [UserVoice] ( for suggesting new datasets (optional)
  • Configurable CKAN request caching for performance optimization
  • Supports automatic background caching
  • A cache admin interface is provided to view cache contents and clear items from the cache if CKAN changes need to be reflected immediately
  • Supports ASP.NET 4/IIS7.5 Application Auto-Start
  • Maintenance mode
  • Catalog can be taken offline with a custom notice if the CKAN repository needs maintenance
  • Uses clean RESTful URLs
  • Provides breadcrumbs
  • Configurable logging for system monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Provides a download proxy so that downloads from an external catalog can also be tracked in analytics
  • Multiple download proxy locations can be configured
  • If Google Analytics is enabled, the files and total bytes are tracked in the analytics

Getting Started

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2003 or greater
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services 6 or greater


Install and Configure Prerequisites

  • .NET Framework 4

Install Web Application

  • Download the latest stable build
  • Unzip and install as a web application on your IIS web server
  • Configure the settings in web.config
    • Set the Catalog.Group setting to the name of the CKAN group to use in the catalog
    • Set the page titles to reflect the name of your catalog (ex. City and County of Denver Open Data Catalog)
    • Configure page meta tags (see SEO.* settings)
    • Review the web.config comments for additional settings you may want to change
  • Load the application URL in your browser to test the catalog
  • Configuring ASP.NET 4.0 Auto-Start

Want to Contribute?

Feel free to fork this repo and contribute your ideas.

This project was created using a mix of free tools and open source libraries. You will need the following to compile the project from source and run the unit tests:

C# CKAN API Wrapper

As mentioned above, this project includes a .NET wrapper for the CKAN REST API. This wrapper was created for the needs of this project but it can be used stand-alone if you just need a .NET library to communicate with CKAN.

The following CKAN features are supported at this time:

Model API

  • Package Register
  • Package Entity
  • Group Register
  • Group Entity
  • Tag Register
  • Tag Entity
  • Package’s Revisions Entity
  • Revision Register
  • Revision Entity
  • License List

Search API

  • Package Search